Danha insists on Chigumba resignation

LEADER of the #1980 Freedom Movement, Francis Danha, has intensified his call for Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba to resign, accusing her of mishandling the issue of the voters’ roll.

Addressing the media in Harare yesterday, Danha who on Tuesday caused commotion at the signing ceremony of the peace pledge, said Chigumba should resign if Zimbabwe wants to avoid a discredited poll.

“The credibility of the entire electoral process fully hinges on the integrity of the voters’ roll. Justice Chigumba has, contrary to this, intransigently made a public pronouncement that, notwithstanding the serious defects inherent in the voters’ roll, the election shall advance.

“In light of these extreme transgressions of a free and fair electoral process, #1980 Freedom Movement has demanded the resignation of Justice Chigumba as the head of Zec as Zimbabwe cannot fathom yet another discredited election,” he said.

During the peace pledge signing ceremony, Danha raised a point of order with NPRC chairperson Justice Masole Nare saying Chigumba should not address delegates before the presidential candidates’ speeches or else he would disrupt the proceedings.

After the fracas, Danha who is not a presidential candidate, was arrested and detained at Harare Central Police Station and later released without charge.

“Such conduct of the police on June 26 is highly reprehensible and has no place in a constitutional democracy. The use of Gestapo and Nazi tactics to silence opposing political views cannot be countenanced in a country where the lives of many perished fighting for liberty, democracy and constitutionalism,” he said.

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  1. it is not her duty to be in sideline with any political part ambition you want to chuck her out cause you want her to operate in the way you like no!she is suppose to work according to what is supposed to be not to what is needed with political parties who want to gain millage.

  2. i dont see the importance of chigumba resigning why.to me she is much better

  3. its too late for her to resign let her do her job shandai zvenyu musatyiswe navanhu judge

  4. i think addressing the issue of the zec boss does not need a rocket scientist. she is in better position of providing the better services so far yes here and there some important issues need to be sorted out

  5. aaa jar praiser ane new album ?

  6. danha you might very correct but the way you use to present your issues are too pure

  7. pane zvakanaka hapashayi vanoputsa

  8. zim elections has greatly improved guys

  9. we must appreciate their effort they are putting in moving with the restore order guys this people are trying their best its only haters who think that zec boss is political yet she is apolitical according to what she is doing and to the mandate of her work

  10. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Mukuru wangu regerai mai ava vashande. hatidi kuti nyika yedu iite sekunge kuziva kwedu kuri beyond kuziva nokuti izvi zvinokanganisa chimiro chedu toramba tirivanhu vanodada nenyika dzevamwe. chii chambonyanya kunetsa?

  11. Comment..
    optmistic that I find you well, good patrotic brotherand sisters .Danha as his name thinks outside his box,if he dosen’t speak opposite things he cannot be paid for his lip servces from his dog handlers.Do not take him sireaously,when people sufers he ulurate and dance.look!unshemingly he is not tell us what the chairpeson P.Chigumba went wrong.In the concourt they failled to prove that
    Jugde P.Chigumba did wrong things
    here and there.When now outside the concourt the likes of Danha are making lot of fools nosencise noises.

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