Chaotic Mnangagwa demo fails

ZANU PF officials were yesterday left with egg on their faces after their much-hyped solidarity march with President Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured), which was meant to counter Tuesday’s highly successful MDC Alliance protest march, failed to attract the anticipated huge numbers.


Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga and other top Zanu PF and government officials were initially pencilled to address the march, but were in a no-show, as it became apparent that the event had flopped.

Only Zanu PF youth secretary, Pupurai Togarepi and a few youth leaders were at the top table.

The march was also characterised by chaos, as the few party members in attendance openly fought amongst themselves and defied orders after they failed to get campaigning regalia.

Plans to march into the CBD were abandoned, as organisers opted for a shorter and out-of-town route from the open space adjacent to the magistrates’ courts, into Rotten Row, then Samora Machel Avenue before turning into Rekai Tangwena Avenue and back to the venue.

Tempers flared during the chaotic distribution of T-shirts at the venue and got worse after youth commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu ordered those disbursing the regalia to stop to pave way for the commencement of the programme.

Angry supporters started shouting, but their leaders responded by threatening to unleash security officials on those who were protesting.

Instead of dispersing and joining those that were preparing to march, the disgruntled youth stormed the stage, resulting in pushing and shoving between supporters and the security.

Those in charge begged for calm fearing that the public address system would be damaged, but their pleas fell on deaf ears.

As the march commenced, scores of supporters remained at the venue, claiming they were not going to participate until their issues were addressed.

After reconvening at the venue for the commencement of the programme, the numbers dwindled further, with some members openly castigating the leadership for its failure to organise the much anticipated solidarity march that was largely reportedly organised to counter the one by opposition MDC-T, where a far much bigger crowd attended, compared to Zanu PF’s.

In his keynote address, Zanu PF secretary for youth affairs, Pupurai Togarepi apologised for the chaos and expended his energy by launching an attack on the opposition for its demands for electoral reforms.

He questioned MDC Alliance’s rationale for demanding reforms, saying their march showed lack of strategy and – without a hint of irony – support on the ground.

Togarepi claimed the opposition was busy enjoying perks in Parliament and forgetting about their desired reforms, only to resurface ahead of elections.
“Zec has nothing to do with Zanu PF, Zec is just a neutral referee.

“Zanu PF did its job and people are saying Mnangagwa has my vote.

“It is not our problem that you were playing and lying about many things when we were on the ground,” he said in reference to reported claims that MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa said they had been promised a $15 billion bailout by the US.

Togarepi urged the Zanu PF youth to remain calm and not fight back even when provoked by the opposition.


  1. These are the fruits of being useless. To be honest ED wasted his golden opportunity to demonstrate he was a credible leader since the coup by doing absolutely nothing about anything to improve things. His latest failure to arrest even Kasukwere of all ‘criminals’ has opened our eyes to never vote Zanupf ever again

    1. Zanu has a history of saying things & implementing them, indicating right but turning left, or speaking with a forked tongue. There are many examples where this has happened, e.g. Matebeleland Zambezi water project, Beitbridge-Chirundu highway dualisation, the 2.2million jobs, etc. Am now much older from when i was young hearing all such promises, now i have my own kids who are also hearing such & they will grow older with nothing on the ground. They should simply give others a chance coz we’re tired of them & their promises yet they make all the money from charging us taxes. Utter nonsense

      1. @truth, @collin – now we wonder who were the criminals surrounding Mugabe. If the crime was just border jumping then we have a problem. ED had time to make his name but fluffed the chance.

    2. Sorry, meant “…a history of saying things & NOT implementing them…”

  2. Iwe Pupurai Togarepi are you the spokesperson for ZEC, that you have the guts to defend ZEC? If not, garapasi wonyarara kuti ziii. Hamuna support.

    1. wasiira comment panzira “…..Hamuna support ..yakawanda muharare!!

  3. Daily News nditinha dzigwe. your reporting is like Herald. You are too negative about ZANU PF while Herald is too negative about MDC Alliance. With these types of newspapers i dont see Zimbabwe getting out of this current scenario

    1. Ukunyepa iwe, they just reported as it happened they never lied like herald inoti pane vanu 20 yoti pange pane munhu 1.

    2. Ndini Ndadaro

      haisi daily news i newsday

  4. whats wrong with you editors??Chiwenga was with the president in kwekwe at sable chemicals . That event was for youths and infact it was not to show who have more support. how can you compare zanu pf youths with all wings of mdc supporters??? Does that make sense to you??Nyika ingabudirira nevanhu vakadai. HOW CAN A PEACE RALLY BECOME CHAOTIC . IN ACTUAL SENSE WAS IT CHAOTIC LIKE U SAY

  5. Are we ever going to have a non-partisan professional newspaper in this country. This rag is so biased it defies every ethical journalistic standard. This paper and Herald need new editors and staff.

  6. Togarepi unongovukura regai murwe mega mega bcz bato rikaita vavukuri sewe hapana chobuda

  7. ZANU PF youth are blind thus why they are being led by a 55 year old grandfather Pupurai Togarepi who is masquerading as a youth. Vakuru venyu vakatoona kuti hamufungi saka muchitungamirigwa neharahwa Absolom Sikhosana and Togarepi.

  8. Tamirepi Chisorochengwe


  9. The reporter just reported the facts on the ground, was he supposed to lie that there was a million men march?

  10. Well done Newsday. For once you gave fair coverage of the event.

  11. huge numbers do not mean a thing but what is critical numbers big or small is the percentage of registered voters and that is what matters so lets not read much into this

  12. zanu pf is dead thank you Newsday for giving us Authentic information

    1. ZanuPf yakaso closer many moons ago



    Zanu pf youths wer saying ” They are not going any wre untill their issues are resolved” by the way which issues, instead of seeking for employment else were yu are biz attending zanu pf rallies shame on you.

  14. You are in a very archaic propaganda mode, editor, in this fast digital age. The Videos and pictures with their huge marchers are everywhere, in what way was it a failure ??

  15. simbarashe shoko

    Stupid reporting. Harare zanu pf youth were marching. How can you compare a Harare youth march against MDC president supported by Zipp, Mdc Tendai, Mdc Ncube, Ngaruvhumwe, Mugabe Party supporters. Where is the chaotic you maroons. tell us the numbers of Mdc Chamisa and that of Zanupf youths. How come Chiwenga was going to address when He was with ED in Kwekwe nd Gweru. Tinyareiwo Pliz.

    1. Kunyara chii chacho ipapa, there were helicopters flying like mshika-shika in Harare. It does not take long to address a crowd then fly to the next destination. In any case, how can the president go along with all the VPs? One of them should have addressed their small crowd. And they wanted to shut down Harare, what a shame

    2. point of correction, there is no MDC presidential candidate but ere is an ALLIANCE candidate…but still numbers show a lot lets not run away from the truth

  16. manalade manga majaira kukumba vanhu from fleamarkets muchivavharisa misika. zvino this time zvabuda pachena kuti hamuna vanhu sveeeeeeee

  17. Sibusisiwe Gwanda

    To be honest the crowd was large by Zanu standards. This is a small party that survives on rigging to boast its figures. But I failed to understand the purpose of the march. You can not march in solidarity with someone who is not under any form of threat. iT’S a clear sign that Zanu Pf is panicking. They were shocked that MDC alliance gathered in numbers without Musicians playing or t shirts being given for free. Also there was no promise of $12 million youth fund to be distributed for youth projects. The bottom line is Zanu Pf is jittery especially when most of their rigging trick may be unearthed and thwarted by an alert opposition.

  18. ZanuPf yakaso closer many moons ago

  19. Farai Johnson Nhire.

    Musanetsana vanangu nekutukana. Inga muri vanhu vamwe wani! Nyika Yenyu Yakana inoda runyararo nekuwirirana inokomborerwa. VaMnangagwa varikutoshaya nguva yecampaign vachisangana nevaenzi vezvemabusiness from all over the world. Nyika yedu yatonaka iyi. It’s just a mater of time and you will be shouting out of joy very soon. Sekuru ngwena vanoronga ava believe me. Ndapota vana, musarovana nekutukana muzimbabwe yababa Mnangagwa yakasununguka iyi.

    1. Maononga Buku

      Nxaaaaa Zanu PF supporter gara pasi iwe

  20. To say the truth Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are true heroes! who could have confronted Mugabe a ruthless Dictator who had killed innocent people who were exercising their rights e.g. Itayi Dzamara. Chihuri was lining his pocket using funds stolen from the public by the Police? I used to drive at night to avoid the Police during Mugabe’s rule. I now drive freely during the day without fear of the Police. I will not be ashamed to hero worship Chiwenga and Mnangagwa.

    1. nxaaaaaa wakadakwa mafana nyarara hauna zvekutaura police ndiko kugadzira
      nyika here

  21. Comment…in chivhu yesterday vakatakurwa ma youths nevamwe vanhu vakuru in the morning vachinzi varikuenda ku solidarity march.command solidarity march

  22. Luke Munya Mabika

    These are just kicks of a dying horse. Pupurai Togarepi and all the zanu pf thugs masquerading as party youths are just idiots willing to be used to advance selfish interests of the mafia party leaders.Merchants of of violence.Kusanyara kutouya muguta reHarare kubva kumarokesheni kuzo supporter vanhu varikuita kuti hama dzenyu pamwe chete nemi mumame nenhamo.Shame!



  24. Comment…I think the bottom line is MDC alliance demonstration was more meaningful and well well organised judging by the number of people attended compared to zanu youth march .I didnt support mdc bt im having second thouts

  25. This was a youth march quickly organised for youth mainly in harare, m d c march was for all including 10 political parties graced by their leaders and was organised for weeks on end. This delusional thinking by the opposition about crowds, noise and so forth is their greatest undoing. You are not considering all the metrics to judge and give opinion, hence when defeated at polls you then cry foul, rigging njani njani, go back to school and learn a bit of statistics, am sure you will then reason better.

  26. Farai Johnson Nhire

    You know what vanangu, insults and obscenities will not solve any problems at all. Look at His Exellency, God took him for an interview for leadership without his knowledge and he qualified. This hapened in the form of youths interface gatherings where he was subjected to public humiation and insults by someone the age of his daughter while the whole world watched and he managed to keep his cool and the Almighty handsomely rewarded him for that. Ndapota zvangu vana, musatukana nekurovana munyika yedu nababa Mnangagwa yakasununguka iyi.

  27. Zimbabwe is full of headless and brainless zanu pf supporters.What are you supporting evil spirits for?

  28. Farai Johnson Nhire.

    Zanu pf ndaamaivedu tese. Mubereki wako mubereki chete. Angave ari murefu, mupfupi, mutsvuku, mutema, wechidiki, achembera mubereki mubereki chete. Ndizvo saka ndichigara ndichikukurudzirai vana kuti musatukane nekurovana munyika yedu nababa Mnangagwa Yakasununguka.

  29. Farai jonhson Nhire,you are brainless child of zanu pf failures for sure. You don’t want to tell the truth as it is like your evil fore fathers-zanu pf does.Zanu pf at all costs must demise forever like Malawi’s akamuzu Banda’s party-Young Pioneers. Zanu pf’s continuing existence in zimbabwe is by fluke.

  30. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Sandy chandinongoyemura pauri ndechekuti you speak your mind saka somubereki ndinokasika kuona paungade kubatsirwa. Hasha ndidzo dzaunowanza. Asi urichihera kanhi? Zanhu Pf naVaMnangagwa zvakanaka kudarika mukaka unoraramisa rusvava. Heee Mnangagwa this, heee Mnangagwa that. Hee Mnangagwa mbavha, hee Mnangagwa utsinye, heee Mnangagwa mhondi, ko zvino zvavakapinda pahutungamiri makozopondwa? Siyanai nemanzwiranzwira anoputsa musha. Regai kurwisana munyika yedu yakasununguka ndapota.

  31. PROPHET271262

    Please don’t fight for crumbs Bhora richatambwa musi wa 30th July 2018 ma strikers edu ndi va Chamisa vachinovharwa na Ngwena mukuru ane experience yekutamba Bhora mu tara .Tine ma sabhu edu anoti Retired General Vachinopinda bhora rasara ne maminutes mashoma vachinwisa zvibodzwa 5 vachitonga .Asi imwe team inozoenda kunonyunyuta -kune dare rinoona nezve mutambo we politics va Rhavumore Madu vanoti aiwa -mutambo unofanirwa kudzokororwa muna 2023 nekuti hatingatamba bhora tichichema mumwe wedu mukuru munezve Politics va …………..vakafa vaona manwisirwo akaitwa bhora ne team yava Garwe.

  32. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Houchiona manje, i like the analogy, uyu wakafanana nemutambo. Vatambi vese vanoita handshake nemutambimumwe nemumwe wemaoponents before and after the match zvinei kuti vamwe vadyiwa. Yes, the experience yekudyiwa can be frustrating but it’s part of life and zvinopfuura while life goes on. Let us train ourselves to live in the practical world of diversity vanangu. Nhasi ndiye mangwana ndiweo asi hazvifaniri kuparadzanisa vana vanyamunhu.

  33. Comment…zanu nema supporter ayo matuzvi

  34. Comment…Mwari ndivo vaneyese.remember zvakaitika pakabviswa vaMugabe.makawona here ruwoko rwaMwari.mungazvinetsa zvenyu,Mwari vatova nemaresults.

  35. I love this confusion that ZANU is going through… Simply beautiful !!!

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