Chamisa turns alliance into party . . . poll boycott still an option

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

OPPOSITION MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday turned the seven-party coalition group into a political party after the courts took too long to resolve his legal wrangle with his rival Thokozani Khupe over use of the MDC-T party symbols ahead of the nomination court’s sitting.


“We are filing as the MDC Alliance to distinguish us from our other cousins. For the purposes of this election the MDC Alliance is a political formation,” said MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora.

“We did that to get around the legal hurdles on whether we are a political party or not. And yes we are a political party. We hope Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) sticks to what is fair to start the ballot by the surname not first name in order to suit certain candidates.”

He added that the MDC Alliance leader will have power to recall legislators if need be.

“The parliamentarians will be recalled by the MDC-T on behalf of the alliance. They will be recalled by the president of the alliance. The president of the alliance is clothed with powers to do that. It’s not peculiar to our leader alone,” Mwonzora said.

Both Mwonzora and Chamisa’s chief election agent Jameson Timba warned yesterday that the party might pull out of the election race if Zec continues to withhold the voters’ roll and refuses to accede to their demand for reforms ahead of the polls.

“Boycotting the election is the last resort but given the pain Zimbabweans have gone through we are preparing for the elections. Boycotting is a political possibility but at the moment we are concentrating on giving Zimbabweans an alternative in this election,” Mwonzora said.

Timba chipped in: “Our president said if the demands are not met there will be no election, and I would like to reiterate that. Do not underestimate our president’s resolve and capacity to follow this through.”

Mwonzora added that the MDC-T would continue to dictate terms in the alliance since it was the main player.

“It’s not fair to equalise the unequal. The MDC-T will dominate the alliance,” he said.

The former Nyanga North legislator also closed the door on former President Robert Mugabe’s National Patriotic Front (NPF).

“We have not been in discussions with the NPF. We have talked to individuals and they will stand in select constituencies. We have no agreement with the NPF,” he said.


  1. The courts are ‘captured’ that is why the simple matter has not been tried and determined. The whole saga is good for ZANU. Were it not so, it would have been heard before a judge long ago. The people should demand that it be resolved before ballots are printed.

  2. if it becomes or the alliance is illegally converted into a party then Biti and Welshman are poised for the VP positions

  3. I have long been advocating for the disbandment of the separate outfits and formation of one umbrella party. They would have participated in the primaries competitively as one party instead of reserving specific constituencies for certain parties. Big brotherhood and sharing of posts will be their next bone of contention in coming days, the outcome of the election notwithstanding. Mark my words!

  4. Our judiciary is compromised thats why they took long to finalise this case. Thats why Zanu should be voted out as it manipulates the judiciary. Can you imagine the courts have not decided on the 2002 Presidential election challenge by the MDC. Cases that favour Zanu are fast-tracked through the courts.

  5. It’s unfortunate that most of tricks being implemented by the Zanu pf won’t work in 21st century because of higher literacy rate,you cannot fool all the people all the time.Welcome to the last supper.

  6. thank you we are now taking zanoids to the grave this time kana chiwenga haabudi mutrain iyoyo.tanzwa nenhamo kuno kumaruzevha

  7. I aways new the soft coup on Khupe will come back to haunt you. Where is your council now?. Khupe is an iron lady, I tell you after elections MDC T and MDC alliance will share the same number of legislators. This lady is a politician not a rally entertainer.


  9. Forget about the threat of boycotting elections.If you boycott, elections will definitely go on with the other 100 and so parties. You will only disappoint your supporters and that will not have effect on Zim economy, politics and social life. I am made to understand that it is illegal to change the electoral act no sooner the president proclaims the election date.

  10. MDC mati mambo Wawa ta here, muchawawatisa asi chabuda pasina. Ndiko kuti opposition party ka. Kkkkkk

  11. Zimbabwe can have an election without you…..remember what happened when Tsvangirai was sulking.

  12. Èee vekutora masimba chitunha chiri mu morotary vekwa Trump Kagame vema bullet trains ma Olympics world cup veku putsira ma 18years zvanetsa zvii kkkkk

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