Chamisa targets Mnangagwa ally


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s close confidante, Local Government minister July Moyo’s bid to represent Redcliff in next month’s elections will come under scrutiny after opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s decision to take his campaign to his backyard.


Mnangagwa was forced out of Kwekwe by then little-known Blessing Chebundo at the turn of the millennium and the Midlands city has never been a happy hunting ground for the Zanu PF leader.

The rally, which will be held in Torwood, is aimed at addressing the concerns of former Ziscosteel workers wallowing in poverty after the steelmaker shut down many years ago.

The opposition pre-election pact’s candidate for Mbizo constituency Settlement Chikwinya confirmed the rally was targeting Moyo.

“The rally will only attract residents of Redcliff, so that we send a clear message to the junta coordinator Moyo, that he is going to lose on July 30,” he said.
Chikwinya, who is also secretary-general of the Tendai Biti-led People’s Democratic Party (PDP) faction, said the rally will be used to reassure the former steel workers that Ziscosteel will be reopened after the elections.

“Ziscosteel has been opened several times in newspapers and statements made by Zanu PF, but remain closed on the ground. We are not a party of statements, we are a party of action and certainly will open the steel plant not in newspapers, but on the ground,” he said.

However, Zanu PF said it was unfazed by Chamisa’s invasion of Redcliff, saying they had faith in Moyo.

Zanu PF Midlands spokesperson, Cornelius Mupereri said they had bagged the seat.

“How do they expect to win when they field an undertaker as a candidate? We have a tried and trusted person who delivers. He has hit the ground running and pushing developmental projects at schools and is already solving the water problems that have hit Redcliff over the years,” Mupereri said.

Government scuttled a $750 million deal which was supposed to have seen the steelmaker revived and on billboards the Zanu PF presidential candidate has promised to restore Ziscosteel to its former glory.


  1. Comment…invade and capture the constituency bluntly. Zanuoids took the disgruntled workers for granted as they too often gave empty promises to steal votes. we deserve a better, new and compatible responsive government to usher in a new lease of life at Redcliff.

    this time, Dr Nero will snatch 99.9% of the steelmen and women who had endured the pain of servitude under the auspices of ED, Mai Mujuru, Nkosana and Mugabe for years. All these politicians ruined Redcliff, a once steel hub which employed more than 10 000, now it is unable to pay 100.

  2. but did chebundo do anything for that constituency after winning? we have got to learn how to hold these people accountable, otherwise this is going to be an infinite cycle. Not just to vote in someone we will be able to vote out after five years, it might not work.

  3. Come July 30 you will be silenced MDC Alliance has nothing to offer people except confusion like what is happening in their alliance. Chialliance hachishande icho

  4. July belongs not Redcliff. Why treat these pple as unworthy by fielding such….? #JulyNOvote2018… silobela redcliff we say NOOOOOO. Hamba kini. You robbed a better candidate… Hambaaaa. You have been in the system since and up to now…. wenzeni. Ubona ngathi ibhakede lisisa ngaaaa. Leave us…. Not ashamed of old zanu methodologies to lure pple….

    • Education and Health centres improved greatly after independence. Road network reaching most parts of the state was done after independence. of course the gvt lost it along the way but yakagonawo zvakawanda zvisina kuwanikwa munanaMozambique, Zambia and even South Africa. Ko ndiudzeiwo chinobatika chakaitwa nemaMDC MPs in their constituencies since 2000, Ndiudzeiwo how they are going to turn around the economy? Ko sei maMPs nemacouncillors eMDC asingaonekeri kumaconstituencies ato when there is no intimidation. vanoda kuhwinha nemavote ani uye on what ground if you have no structures in most parts of the country. Your weaknesses as an alliance outweigh your strengths. Noise yamuri kuita ndeyekuda kuzonyepera vanhu kuti takabirirwa mavotes imi vanhu vacho magara musina. vanouya kumarally handi vanokuvhoterai vose some just come to see chamisa wacho

    • The fact that you now able to read and write, though mixed language, is one big achievement by Zanu. During the colonial era such dull people like yourself would not have proceeded to do secondary education because of bottle necks that existed. You cannot construct a simple English statement.

  5. Comment…point of correction, its not 38 yrs of gvt mismanagement things started to go haywire in the mid 99s otherwise all was moving well.

  6. Who in Redlicf does not know how corrupt July Moyo is. He and Owen Ncube are thugs. All the dairy white farmers that remained in Midlands paid protection fee thru Owen and July Moyo. Muders that have occured in Kwekwe have always been sponsored by the two.People know it. July is dangerous. Has many farms ..A very big Conservancy and another A2 farm .
    Voting for July Moyo is throwing the country to the dogs

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