Chamisa in renewed bid to woo Khupe: Gutu

Obert Gutu

THE Thokozani Khupe-led faction of the MDC-T has claimed that main opposition MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa had sent his emissaries to open fresh negotiations for reunification ahead of the nomination court’s Thursday sitting to register candidates for next month’s general elections.


The two camps broke up early this year and went their separate ways with both Chamisa and Khupe fighting over party leadership following the death of its founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai in February.

In an interview yesterday, Khupe’s deputy Obert Gutu claimed that Chamisa’s emissaries had been knocking on Khupe’s doors since last week, but he declined to name them.
“Yes, they have used some highly-placed emissaries to get in touch with us seeking a ‘re-unification’. What we know for certain is that our former colleagues cannot be trusted,” he said.

“In the past, they have exhibited shocking levels of intolerance, hatred, malice and vindictiveness. We have got absolutely no appetite to re-unite with people who are neither honest nor sincere. We are not desperate at all.

“Our party is growing in leaps and bounds and we are perfectly happy with the trajectory that we have taken. Anyone who writes us off as a non-factor in Zimbabwean politics will be utterly shocked when the election results are announced,” he said, adding his group had effectively shut the door on Chamisa.

“There’s a snowball’s chance in hell of us re-uniting with people who cannot be trusted. In fact, it is only when human life is found to exist on planet Jupiter that we will re-unite with those people. As long as our erstwhile colleagues are not entirely forthright and honest, we have got no appetite to even consider a reconciliation where there is clear and unequivocal evidence that the prospects of a reconciliation are close to zero,” he said.

But MDC-T spokesperson, Tabitha Khumalo, dismissed Gutu’s claims as cheap politicking.

“Everything that we do as a party is above board. Our resolution is clear that anyone who is interested in joining the alliance of like-minded people they are all welcome. How can we send emissaries yet we expelled them. Is that possible, the nomination court is sitting on Thursday and what is the point of seeking to engage them. We expelled them and I don’t know where they are getting that from,” she said.


  1. Gutu and khupe forget about politics anymore you are irrelevant. You have failed to abide by jacob sikala’s words of encouragement that outside MDC’S big tent you are a politician in a dust bin. You have totally sold the people’s liberation struggle to the people’s main ENEMY-ZANU PF GANGSTER PARTY. Pasi vevanhu vanofarira mweya we non service deliveries dze zanu pf.

  2. Dont unite please don’t. You guys hate each other, you nearly burnt each other alive, how can you unite. You are water and oil. Keep the good work you re doing. Unity is bad. I saw it when zanu and zapu united, it only benefited one side.

  3. In politics there are no permanent enemies. If Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un can shake hands and find a common ground, Chamisa and Khupe must do the same. This is for the sake of their supporters and MDCc founding principles.

  4. Chamisa must give-in to Khupe to take over the leadership since he was unconstitutionally elected

    • we are praying for you.then zanu will celebrate before even the first vote. khuphe rode on Tsvangirai. soon she will be useless. ncube saw that. and biti knows it. mdc is people and people are not with khuphe and from now on will not be with her. thanks chamisa for trying. you are doing what morgan would have been doing if he was alive today.

  5. Khupe and Gutu know khupe has no chance whatsoever of landing the job of president. Their strategy is to fool hopefully enough people to be relevant in case of a runoff. Its all personal bcoz then they will demand high level jobs in the new govt. You feel sorry for clueless supporters who are being taken for a ride for personal enrichment reasons.

  6. Khupe must find a new career of knitting jerseys or table cloths or something like that coz as far as politics is concerned it’s all over

  7. There seems to be more than meets the eye to Khupe and Gutu’s stubborn refusal to discuss let alone join the MDC coalition. Even if they originally had a valid point to argue regarding Chamisa’s succession, their case now seems muddied by other considerations. All will be revealed in good time.

  8. Chamisa has more to loose than Khupe. Obvious the people from Matebelalnd will vote along tribal line. this boy made a serious blunder

  9. Gutu rinobhowa ndabvuma hangu ,we r looking for a greater change and u r talking how yo party is growing kukura kweparty yenyu hakutombounze change , nxaa dei Mwari vakutora uri useless

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