Chamisa gets Zim dreaming again

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday said his party is ready to deliver tough solutions, which will resuscitate the crumbling economy, while transforming lives of the poor, but hardworking citizens of Zimbabwe, forced into poverty by the Zanu PF government.


Launching the MDC Alliance’s policy document ahead of the July 30 polls, Chamisa promised his government would fix all the ills created by Zanu PF over the past 38 years.
“It is not an illusion that we are going to face one of the worst challenges ever to be faced by human kind,” he said.

“The level of joblessness, the level of despair the destruction of our companies our factories, the dilapidated roads that we have, the absence of cash in the banks, the hospitals that are mortuaries, the challenges that we face as broken families, those are tough challenges.

“They also require a tough leadership and we are here to provide that tough leadership.”

In a first since independence, State broadcaster ZTV broadcasted the opposition party manifesto launch live and Chamisa captivated the audience with his oratory skills, promising to deliver Zimbabwe from Zanu PF stranglehold.

“We are launching a great programme that is going to liberate our country from the manacles and shackles of poverty, dictatorship, past politics, politics that is sterile politics of old ideas, politics of personalities ahead of institutions,” he said.

The MDC Alliance policy document dubbed A Sustainable and Modernisation Agenda for Real Transformation (Smart) proposes among a raft of measures, to build a $100 billion economy, create jobs, reward civil servants handsomely, cut corporate tax, increase income tax thresholds and improve pensions.

Chamisa accused the government of having a huge appetite to spend, while doing less to reduce national debt.

“We don’t have appetite beyond what we kill, which has been the problem of this government. There is too much appetite, but little capacity to deliver,” he said.

“So, as we form the next government, what are we going to deliver?

“We are trying to constitute a government that is going to work for the people.

“It is a government for those with disabilities, a government of the war veterans, a government of all races and tribes, an inclusive government, an innovative government, a responsive government, an accountable government, a peace-making government not a peace-taking government.”

The MDC Alliance said with a debt hovering above $20 billion, there was need to provide a solution to the debt crisis in the country through sound economic policies.

One of the MDC Alliance principals and People’s Democratic Party leader, Tendai Biti said the plan involved giving title deeds to resettled farmers and declaring that Zimbabwe was a low income country, so that it benefits from debt relief, while growing the economy through sound management.

“The epicentre of the crisis that our country is facing is economic mismanagement.

“The Zanu PF government has put our country in a position of massive disequilibrium underlined by poverty and underdevelopment,” he said.

“Ninety five percent of our people are unemployed, 79% of our people are living in extreme poverty, living on less than $1,25 per day.”

The MDC Alliance said it will do away with bond notes, ring-fence the value of bank balances and join the Common Monetary Area with Botswana, Lesotho, Nambia and South Africa.
“When President Chamisa assumes office, before we go and embark on the full administration of our economic programme, we have to deal with the mischief created by Zanu PF in the last five years, we need an emergency stabilisation programme,” Biti said.

Biti said he will unroll a Zimbabwe economic emergency rescue programme expected to deal with challenges of economic disequilibrium created by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa.

“Fiscal consolidation, Zanu PF is running an economy that is on a deficit which is 30% of gross domestic product, the resolution of the cash crisis, and building revenue capacity,” Biti said.

MDC Alliance had been questioned on why it was delaying in launching its manifesto, but the launch may have been worth the wait.

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  1. Manifesto yemdc unonwa mvura,yakabikwa ndatenda hangu.

  2. I concur Chamisa! We cannot change the past but the future is yet in your power. Life is 10% what happens to you while 90% is what you react to it.

  3. manifesto which has been dubbed SMART a word popularized by NPS for circumcision could it be the best wording these educated youngsters could come up with ,i wonder.

    1. Very dull, silly and backward comment

    2. Washaya muface. You need to go through it though wozo critisizer content yacho.

    3. We are talking about the economy and you busy thinking about sexual organs

      1. Best ever reply to that Zanu pf moron!!!!

    4. Now, thats a shallow comment…..

    5. SMART is an acronym that is used in many discipline and it is not patent of NPS. Ever heard of SMART Specific (simple, sensible, significant). Measurable (meaningful, motivating). Achievable (agreed, attainable)?

      We need this manifesto together with ZPF equivalent document for us to learn and understand what each political party stands to give us. Nonetheless, these documents should be broken down for easy of understanding by the so called uninitiated.

      1. I first heard of SMART in project management. Thank you. Its not an NPS creation

  4. Elisha’s comment is naïve, myopic and subjective. Be objective my brother. Acronyms are letters coined to convey a dream as is the case here. What’s wrong with that.

  5. Elisha! Acronyms are crafted in anyway as long as they convey your perceived dreams as is with the MDC’s case here. Be visionary my brother, don’t be naïve and myopic. start smelling the “Black Coffee”. KKKKKKKK

  6. For the first time in decades I can actually feel a glimmer of hope of some sort

  7. Farai Johnson Nhire

    They forgot to say what they intent to do with Zidera, (zimbabwe Democracy And Economic Recovery Act.) An act that the mdc crafted and successfully urged George W Bush to implement against zimbabwe. The act was said to improove the zimbabwean economy when it actualy did the very oposite.

    1. What do you mean by ‘intent?’

  8. The manifesto may change the fortunes of the country.

  9. Well constructed Manifesto which can be implemented by your political will.

  10. Elisha,be positive and be able to articulate good ideas that delivers zimbabwe from the deformed faces created by your pay masters and dismally failed -zanu pf party. MDC-T has never governed zimbabwe and zanu pf is zimbabwe’s problem creators which you are wrongly keeping on aiding and supporting WASTES. LEADERSHIP ROTATION IS ABOUT GIVING OTHER PLAYERS CHANCE AND TOOK OVER FROM WHERE YOU HAVE FAILED,NOT KEEPING ON FOLLOWING ZANU PF’S EVIL, USELESS MINDS AND HEARTLESS TRADEMARKS.

  11. brilliant President Chamisa,our hope, keep the spirit and fire burning tanzwa nenhamo

  12. nhire na elisha muri matofo ekupedzisira brain dololo, hamuna kusiyana na chinotimba or maybe mune mweya yetsvina sezanu yenyu so backward n evil nxaaa fokofu mhani

  13. MDC should concentrate on what they are going to do to the economy and people. They were always talking about Mugabe must go. Now they are saying ZANU PF has been in power for 38 years, they have youthful leader, generational consensus etc. So what is that going to help man in the streets

  14. Kkkkk i was reading all the comments you guyz are posting aiwa makafunda mese review.

  15. I find it strange if not laughable all the promises Chamisa makes. Get rid of Bond notes- then what? Where is any other note going to come from? Spaghetti roads, bullet trains, what nonsense. I can just not take Chamisa seriously, promising everything that he actually knows is not achievable. Start at the bottom, get people jobs, food, and a better lifestyle. His talk about tax cuts nonsense, and he knows it. Where is the money to rebuild the economy going to come from? I have not decided who I am going to vote for, by the the way.

    1. Better not vote because you are very confused.

    2. Uri dako wangu. Kenya chaiyo they now have the bullet train from Mombasa to Nairobi but u are there criticizing Chamisa. If Kenya can do it why not Zimbabwe? Majaira kudyirwa mari nemadhara ezanu. Wake up from your sleep brother dont leave in the past forever, Same on u and your Zanupf shit. PUUUU duzvi.

    3. you are under the zanu spell.

    4. Enda unorima fodya iwe zidofo

    5. Comment…
      the young man is a visionary which is a trait we need in any presidential candidate.he sees beyond our limitations and challenges . vision speaks of things that are even beyond whats sensible in the now. lets not be boxed in our thinking because of our experience of the past 38 years . … rather we need to think without the box and dream again

  16. MDC Aliance doent have an identinty, look these guys Biti, Ncube and now Chamisa, the differ in their idealogies that why Biti, Ncube nevamwewo vakutsvaga mari vakadzoka to join mdc t. Tomboti won the elections what do u think will happen?? The pple of zim will be totally forgoten whilst vanhu vachirwira kutonga fighting for positions, this aliance hapana zviripo

    1. …and what does ZANU PF have for us ordinary Zimbabweans? Continued suffering, no money in the banks, inflation, poor healthcare (Vese BOB na ED vakandorapwa outside Zimbabwe). Why kana vachigona, vachindorapwa kunze? Mandela haana kumboenda UK kundorapwa. It’s time we have a new gvt! Botswana irirkurarama ne one mineral, isu we have lots of them arikudyiwa nevashoma shoma. Zimbabwe will not take 5 yeas to develop given the resouces tat ae abundant in the county. Our healthcare system, education, roads, financial system, etc will only be evived by a new gvt not these ZANOIDS

  17. we actually need to give them the chance so that we would be able to point at their failures. its nonsensical to try to blame Chamisa or whoever when they have actually done nothing. the wrongs of Zanu pf are here to point at and we all know Zim can be better than that.

    1. Exactly!

  18. I want my money back from zanu pf government for devaluing it during their madness era of bearer cheques. This zanu pf party is run and guided by unthinkable baboons and monkeys for sure destroying very body’s fields.

  19. Nicodemus Munyanyiwa Mutsvairo

    Some President has said he wanted to get rid of all the criminals in Govt and that in 100 days things will shape up, how much revenue has he raised from Ku Chiyadzwa for the past six months? Since all the thieves are under arrest, surely some accountability is now in place. Just give us the fake figures that we analyse like what you are expecting in election results, even to say 150m has been made in Diamonds would make us think likewise when voting.The reason why there is so much pressure in today’s politics is that Zanu Pf system has shown the public that to get rich join politics in Zimbabwe.

  20. makorokoto mdc tinotenda haiwa tamirira zuva guru kubva zimbabwe ichibarwa

  21. This talk of rewarding civil servants handsomely, widening income tax bands and cutting corporate tax are hare brained ideas not deliverable. You first grow the economy to implement these. If Chamisa failed to smoke the peace pipe with Khupe and work together how do we honestly expect him to resolve bigger issues. The problem some people have is that they hate Zanu PF so much that they fail to appreciate the good things that ED has done and is doing. ED is a loving father figure compared to his predecessor Mugabe. I give ED the thumbs up.

  22. tawanda chibaya

    There is nothing these loud mouthed MDC alliance will bring with their shallow manifesto.They just looked at zanu pf manifesto and saw what was missing and put together but actually there is nothing that can bring food on the table for Zimbabweans.These power hungry idiots are only fighting for their own benefits and positions in the cabinet if they win,not for a common man in the street.At least the new Dispensation has set a good pace,First they removed Mugabe who was a hindrance to engage with other countries and you the opposition have been given freedom to campaign freely and express yourselves.Now this freedom you have been given is exposing you how immature and ignorant you are on how to have this country can move foward.Zvamaive mu GNU makaitirei mhomho yenyika kunze kwekugutisa matumbu enyu nekutenga dzimba chete nxaa.

    1. Uri sichupeti yemunhu

    2. ooh vana vekumusha!!!!Pama comments unoonerera vanadzo nezvireyi zvakazara.

  23. ED has the future

  24. budya375 u dont even have money in your pocket but u a keen to vote for ED… imbecile a u…on top of that u are good at doing your great job of being a street vendor of selling bananas and tomatoes

  25. Some of us are just good at making statements without thinking and doing a proper analysis. Remember ED’s words ‘…vanongovukura isu tichitonga…’ and ‘…cockroaches…’? These words mean a lot especially about the character of a person.
    That aside, I have gone through this document and in all fairness it is good document. It however requires political will to succeed. I am also compelled to argue that jobs are not created overnight. One needs to have a deliberate development program such as putting up infrastructure that takes anywhere from three to five years or more. Patching potholed roads and repairing brken water pipes does not reate jobs. Developing new road and water systems among others creates jobs, contrary to Constantino’s belief that you need to patch upt roads to Kuwadzana.
    Of course no manifesto is full-proof, but honestly out of the rest I have read this seems … of course in my opinion… to be the best and appears practical especially for the Zim’s situation. I believe that we should have new leaders so that we can compare than perpetuate the obvious!

  26. Lets put behind this culture of name-calling. We are a people together in our differences. The future of this country seems promising now. The front runners in these forthcoming elections have painted an encouraging picture. Zim will never be the same again. Lets celebrate our diversity. Lets look into issues not a party.God bless Zim

  27. Thanks optimistic but not anymore with zanu pf faces of dismally failures ,we need totally transformation from fucken 38 years of ED and Mugabe’s misrules please.

  28. Onky Khupe can serve Zimbabweans, not these other 2 morons

  29. A full-proof manifesto you now claim. Kusanyara. Yet you are the same people
    who called for ZIDERA and the Economic Sanctions The Change which you wanted Zimbabweans to believe would bring food on their tables. You created today,s suffering . And after joining hands with all Zimbabweans who demonstrated for
    R G Mugabe to step down whilst you are now bringing him through the back-door
    and you still think we are your fools. Machinja manyangira irikuona munonyadzisa

  30. hameno vakashinga muvoterei all i see is the same zanu manifesto with fancy words like smart this and smart that

  31. Surely we cannot all be be democrats or revolutionalists.likewise we cannot all be Dembares or if I am a vendor and you are a technocrat, whats wrong on that.ppl lets be mature when we post

  32. MDC inebasa hachitoreki chigarochi 2018! Mnangagwa mu office.kwakaipa kunze uko Zanu Pf needs 30% votes in towns then kumusha one 90% saka zororayi.

  33. Vana munotukaniraneiko? Baba vedu vaMnangagwa vauya ne real new dispansation and the man’s character is totaly diferent from the former president’s and even the western world can see that. That’s why they are falling over each other rushing to our country looking for investment oportunities. What i am saying is what i see nemaziso angu maviri pasina kuedza kufinhura munhu. Zimbabwe is already starting to move with this man in the driver’s seat and you and me will celebrate sooner rather than later.

  34. Will never vote for someone who calls me a mhandu, cochroach and barking puppy.. never

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