Chamisa ‘employs’ underfire prison officer

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa (pictured) has promised to employ in his security department a Chiredzi prison officer who was charged and is set to appear before an internal tribunal for allegedly praising him on Twitter.

By Tatenda Chitagu

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa and John Mahlabera at the Chiredzi rally on Sunday

John Mahlabera is set to appear before the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service internal disciplinary hearing today for contravening section 3 (1) of the Prisons (Staff) Discipline Regulations 1984 of “using traitorous or disloyal words regarding the President or the government” or alternatively section 3 (46) of “being guilty of any other act, conduct, disorder or neglect of duty to the prejudice of good conduct or discipline”.

This was after he allegedly heaped praises on Chamisa, allegedly describing him as “my president”

According to the charge sheet, on April 9 near Chiredzi Prison, Mahlabera “unlawfully” made political comments on his microblogging Twitter handle after an MDC-T rally held at Jerera Growth Point in Zaka, which was addressed by party president Nelson Chamisa.

Mahlabera, according to the charge sheet, tweeted: “Come to Chiredzi my President”, thus “showing loyalty to the opposition party president, while exhibiting disloyalty and disgraceful contact (sic) to the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Head of State and Government and the Commander-in-chief-of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces or his office”.

But addressing a capacity crowd at Tshovani Stadium at the last leg of his rallies on Sunday, Chamisa called Mahlabera to the podium and assured him that he will get back his job once the MDC-T gets into power and maybe even get a promotion.

“I hear there is a prison officer who got in trouble for liking me, I looked for him and could not find him, if he is here, he should come here as he will get back his job starting on 1t, when we assume power, even with a promotion.

“We like people like these who want good things for the country. From today you will be working closely with us, if you want your job back, you will get it, if you want to be part of my security, I will rope you in,” Chamisa said amid applause from the crowd.

However, Mahlabera’s lawyer, Collins Maboke, of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), said the allegations infringed on his client’s freedom of expression.

“First of all, they do not have evidence to the effect that the Twitter account belonged to my client. Secondly, how did they come to the conclusion that he was referring to the president of the MDC-T, Nelson Chamisa? What if he was referring to another president of an association or President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Again, the Constitution guarantees freedom of expression,” he said.

Mahlabera joins a long list of 200 other Zimbabweans, according to the ZLHR, who have been arrested and prosecuted in courts by the previous administration of ex-president Robert Mugabe for undermining the authority of and insulting the President.


  1. Cme to Uzumba Marambapfungwe my president

  2. King I agree with you … Marambapfungwe indeed!

  3. yes Uzumba takatokumirirai

  4. The Peoples’s president

  5. If I was the President, I would have told Prisons authorities to leave the boy alone as he was enjoying his constitutional right

  6. If I were the President, I would have ordered the Prisons authorities to the little boy alone to enjoy his constitutional right

  7. Promotion based on what exactly? just liking Chamisa?? like really!?? whilst i do not condone the actions taken against the man but is that then a basis of promoting him? and does his current skills and training him qualify him to be part of a president’s security team? Am just questioning the rationale of Chamisa’s statements, nithing more

    1. Those guys are trained in paramilitary skills my man.

  8. Big UP Chamisa. The people’s president

  9. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    Chamisa usanyepera vana mhani iwe. unomupa basa ripi munhu we mugadhi jere.

  10. ZANU PF chiwororo

    chamisa anongotaura kunge kurutsa taura zvinobatika do something to the pple not to promise evrything hapana chandakambonzwawo kuti chaitwa ne MDC but only promisese nyaraiwo

  11. Thank u Mr President and may the good god of my salvation be with u on the 30th of July so that we Kwekwe him (ED) OUT and i certainly optimistic that GOD IS IN IT!CHISA MBAMA CHISA

    1. Remember thou shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. Apa mobva mati chisa mbama futi hazvina mwari mukati izvozvo

  12. Putting head on the block.Ikadyiwa MDC bamudiki munofema moto,zviboyz zve blue berets,zps police zvichakudya wangu worse wazoenda ku rally and your pictures are everywhere,kana Zimondi atori nayo.

    1. Bamdiki musafuririka kuvimbiswa denhe rizere mhepo, motosiya chamakabata!! Ngwarira mhuri yako iwe. Unorumwa nemaducks uchida kuitwa hero anorova nhunzi pamatesticles nerekeni!! hazvireve tose takanyarara muchiuto tinoda current regime but know where your family’s bread is buttered. Unobvuma kubikiswa sadza neshiri irimudenga, ugotuka mvuu usati wayambuka rukova!! Ngwarira kuparara.

  13. Unenge wambohwinha kupi kwacho, nhai Nelson? Usakwidze mugadhijere uyo ndege yemashanga!!

  14. zvake zvaita apinda machena uyo

  15. Comment…Ndosaka wati god

  16. mbandaka bolomba

    Zimbabweans let us be objective , its not about parties but about sustainable policies or principles ,look security services sector is different because of its sensitivity , rule of law applies to both the opposition parties and the ruling party .If security personal are allowed to be actively participate in politics like commenting and rallying political candidates the national security will be highly compromised .The human rights lawyer needs to be corrected that the moment somebody attests to a security organ he or she become bound by statutes of the defence act or security related act thereby ceding some rights like freedom of expression .The guy in the center of this legally anyura technically ,publicly attended a rally ,Chamisa identified and testified in public ,munozomutora henyu vaChamisa obva kujeri.

    Leadership here has to be exhibited an aspiring president is insinuating such behaviour in security services Homeboy please , i know you were excited and you never thought about this , its bad for the people ,Lets condone this not being personal ,to my guy haa wairasa ingawani your vote remains a secret ,Tasiyanei zvino ???????????? pamunoti mauto asabwereketa politics imi mozvikurudzirazve

    1. u now know all that now, all along the security goons have been active politicians. How do u get a non political active security goon to be second in charge of a political party?

    2. Hauna zvaurikutaura iwe, ZRP yaisaveko kuma primary e Zanu?

  17. Please mr Chamisa do not start promising jobs or compensation to people just for supporting you!! That is a slippery slope to end up like ZANU PF. How do you think they ended up as they are today and bankrupted the country in the process.
    One would have thought that being a prison officer or even a police officer they should be free to support whome they please. I would however agree he should not have called Mr Chamisa “president”

  18. Chisa mbama chisa we want a new liar


  20. the guy is a patroit. Soilders,policeofficers,guardjeros and cio’s are humans not some robots programmed to always love Zanupf which has made us suffer.Chamisa kuzvida kana kusazvida is our next president kune vakamuvenga motofanodzidzira kumuda.


    I Think this prison officer is being treated unfairly, 1. in this matter the state should prove that the president being referred was Nelson Chamisa.2. Do the phrase ” Come to Chiredzi my president” sound political.Is there any element from the phrase that he was actively participating in politics. 3.We have various organisations, gvt departments with the title President- in this case which president was he praising?I feel that there is no case against this man.No evidence comrades.

  22. Isnt this the same nelson Chamisa who was the lawyer for zuva petroleum.the man who got countless fired as a result of his actions. Now he wants us to belive he has interests for the workers? Unbelievable..he should first give back jobs for all those that got fired as result of his actions.

  23. Chikara chachinamhora

    Comment…munhu wega wega ana president wake.inga kuna hwindi president wani

  24. did he mention which president.kumachurches kwavewo nemapresident kumaorganisations arikowo.ko kana aireva ED who knows

  25. President or no president tsvagai mabasa tsvagai mari ityai mwari

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