Breaking: Mnangagwa in explosion scare at White City

There was an explosion at a Zanu PF rally at the White City Stadium in Bulawayo today where President Mnangagwa was giving an address.

Mnangagwa is said to be safe but social media pictures indicate that there were injuries and several collaborated sources on Twitter report witnessing VIPs being admitted at a local hospital.

The President was immediately whisked away and is said to be under heavy guard at the Bulawayo State house.

More details to follow

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  1. Zanu PF want to buy time and postpone elections. This time we will not allow their dirty tricks.

    1. Are you out of your mind? Who is in need of time buying?
      Smh.. your amateur Chamisa maybe.

  2. zimbabwe is now becoming a war zone

    1. We rebuke everything in the name of bloodshed.
      We want a violence-free Zimbabwe.


    this is bullshit ,there are only finding a way to blame Chamisa ,but we are so sure it won’t work

    1. Who has mentioned Chamisa? No one!
      Unless you want to suggest he is a possible cause or is somehow related.
      Most importantly, no one was killed.

  4. Cde Mwanawevhu Toraminda

    YAMATANGA IYI IHOMBE,whoever behind this will tell others chakasakisa kt imbwa itadze kuseka kunyenama ichigona. GARWE RINOTONGA MUCHIDA MUSINGADI

  5. YAMATANGA IYI IHOMBE,whoever behind this will tell others chakasakisa kt imbwa itadze kuseka kunyenama ichigona. GARWE RINOTONGA MUCHIDA MUSINGADI

  6. Sizwe Ka Nare

    Zanu ndeyeropa. without blood sacrifices it cannot survive

    1. Vanhu vaye vatanga. zvakambohwi ndaisigwa poison nhasi zvohwi ndabombiwa irinzira yekuda kuisa masoja mustreet. hameno ED ndiye anoziva chokwadi

  7. Comment…no no no you are like stupid if people dont need this murderer let him die like what he did at gukurahundi
    useless president ,this is among zanus

  8. Comment…garwe doesnt have strong scurity among his VPs .

  9. Ropa Nyadzonya

    This is TYPICAL ZANU-PF. Replaying its Gukurahundi antics. Creating their own bombings so as to blame opposition as they did with ZAPU and Nkomo during “dissidents” era. With their tight security only their own bombs would make it into the stadium. This has been done to hoodwink the International Community into seeing ZANU-PF as the victim so that when ZANU_PF rigs the election there will be no objections. They are trying to reverse their reputation as violence perpetrators into victims of violence. This has been well planned and well rehearsed. ICHO.

  10. Farai J Nhire

    People should avoid speculations regarding such issues. I also do not see the reason why Ed would think of stagemanaging such a horific act at a time when he has so much support towards elections more so in that region which used to be a no go area for Zanu Pf. Anyone who wants to believe that the crowd we saw at pelandaba stadium and the one we saw today at white city stadium is not real support for Ed must have a very law IQ.

  11. they better vote 100% in his favour to make up for this.

  12. Hitler is said to have plotted the Reichstag Fire in order to consolidate his hold on power….old trick in the books

  13. stage managed;same as poison staff.remember he trained banditry espionage and subbotage

  14. Yah muchamama menga this is under military and zanu inside job

  15. This is a taste of their own medicine,thats what there doing to civilians during Gukurahundi.At least they now have a feel of what those expirienced gukurahundi felt!

  16. Stage play…..what a drama…only fools can believe that!

  17. ED is far too unpopular & has created far too many enemies for himself to ever rule Zim in absolute peace

  18. Comment…Where was the state security if this was not stage managed. They did this during Gukurahundi to justify killing people like Lookout Masuku. Lets wait and see.

  19. this is a fuckan drama and staged thing..if you really check the soldiers walking outside of the tent you will see that they knew what was about to take place…but young kids will believe this cause they watch cartoon network everyday..what kind of bomb does that ….lol….these guys play mind games with us …lol…fuckan actors..james bond shit

    1. zanu clowns must go 4 ever

      true, zanu clowns they are indeed !

  20. there has been many, far too many attempts on ED’s life. God has made him survive them all. it simply shows that his time is not yet up and he will rule Zimbabwe.

  21. viruss vigoroso

    since his inauguration, ED has been preaching peace, peace, unity, forgiveness, reconciliation and nothing less than peace despite having so many attempts on his life. what more would you want? if only Zimbabweans knew how blessed they are to have a leader like him.

  22. Stephen Chinyama

    Ahhhgg. Kwanai imi. Garwe is leading by a wide margin and has no reason for sleepless nights. Tongai zvenyu imi, musiyane ne veku West ava. All they dream of is ma planes kunana Binga, Chipinge and Dotito. Ma electric cars ku Muzarabani and kwa Nembudziya. Ma catoon avarikuwona honai zvaanovaita. Zanu Chiwororo.

  23. ttttttttttttt


  24. Sizwe Ka Nare

    I feel pity for those who are still clinging and cleaving on the tail of a Monster that GOD wants to destroy

  25. Vana vaDzamara vanotodavo baba vavo ,asimakamunyangarisa ,mwari havana kukoshiwa



  27. Zanu pf is the mercenary of the devil

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