Breaking: Khupe’s MDC-T fields 110

The Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T said it has managed to successfully field 110 parliamentary candidates for the 2018 general elections out of the 210 constituencies to be contested countrywide.

Everson Mushava

Khupe also successfully managed to field her nomination papers last week and will be among the 23 presidential candidates battling for the top post.


  1. The home of the disgruntled.Chamisa can not please everyone.It puts paid her claim of national appeal.She has failed to fill candidates in all constituencies.Even if she was voted for as President,how can she run parliament with half the number of MPs.

    Very dumb woman.

    1. I don’t think she is as dumb as you allude. At least she fielded 110 candidates. The other Presidential aspirants fielded 0-zero candidates except themselves, so what do you say about these. Is It because she is a woman or because she refused to join the MDC-T -Chamisa? I don’t know, but why someone would call someone very dumb. Not really called for “Kufandada”, I think you misfired here my friend.

      1. She is very dump indeed because her game is to be a spoiler and not achieve anything. Its called shaisano(spoiler) in Shona. The game she is playing is what Welshman Ncube and company were playing in 2008 and 2013 and now they are back in the main MDC with tails between legs. She will not achieve anything except to harvest mostly spoilt ballots and votes of (i) confused people due to similar party names(ii) Disgruntled people voting only for malice and revenge , nothing else. Eventually, she will become irrelevant but the damage will already have been done, same as what happened in 2008 when Ncube’s MDC was instrumental and vote splitting the anti-ZANU PF vote. Some of us old enough,we have seen this play before. Bitterness will not get you anywhere. She is the legendary Woman Scorned. Some of those who filed under MDC T are not even in her party, just people who found an escape route after failing to get nomination on the MDC Alliance ticket, some are CIO agents sent to cause maximum confusion. The real MDC-T should just sue the ZEC to just get all these people disqualified before the voting day and this will cruble like a deck of cards.

        1. Very dumb indeed. She said she had the national appeal and the numbers and yet failed to field candidates in all constituencies. How dumb is that?

  2. Ndangandisingazvitarisira

    Comment…Ko Mashonaland kwakanzi naAligimia Samson hakuna basa akaisawo here? ‘We do not need Masholand votes: said Zanu PF Chair.’ Zvino muzvare ava vanoshuvira kutungamira nyika nechidimbu chenhengo dzeParamende chokwadi? Toti vakunda dzose zana negumi, kovamwe zana vobvepi? Kutowana zana negumiko kunotonetsa, nekuti handisati ndambonzwawo kuti muzvare ava vambosvikawo Manicaland, Mashonaland, Masvingo kana Midlands zvayo pedo neByo. Zvino vohoda kutungamirira Matebeleland chete here? Tendererayiwoka zvirikuita amweni nhayi muzvare muwonekwe neanhu. Zvino mungati anhu asarudze munhu avasingatozivi here?

    1. uthini kanti wena?

  3. Ndangandisingazvitarisira

    Comment…# Asinazita. Ndirikuti muzvare Khupe ngavafambirewo amwe maprovinces vaonekwe nekunzwawo zvirikushuvirwa nevanhu. Kana varipachokwadi chekuda kutungamirira Zimbabwe.

  4. It’s quite sad that we will denigrade another human being to being “dumb” and sexistly call her a “hure” all because that person differs in opinion from us. It is a legacy that we inherited from Robert Mugabe who played the hate-card in all his campaigns. Let us be mature and tolerate that we need not always agree on the way forward. We are still politically immature and its a pity that the MDC is slowly turning into another ZANU PF.

  5. Of two presidential candidates and 21 others who think the country can be run by 1 person

  6. Of two presidential candidates and 21 others who think the counntry can ne run by 1 person

  7. Those who say Khupe is dumb are the most dumb themsekves. Politics is about playing your cards not pleasing your competitors. Mugabes are plenty in this alliance. Anyone against their view should be crucified. Mmmm Movement for Devils Change Alliance

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