‘Blackman’ sets new levels

HIS bodyguard-turned-podium is now sweating profusely as the Kwekwe Central MP and former Zanu PF member, Masango “Blackman” Matambanadzo, keeps extending his speech during a National Patriotic Front (NPF) campaign rally at Kwekwe’s Mbizo 4 shopping centre, on Saturday.


With the election dates drawing closer, Matambanadzo and fellow NPF candidates have upped their antes, as they seek to make inroads in constituencies formerly regarded as Zanu PF and MDC-T strongholds.

The former Zanu PF Kwekwe Central MP was drumming up support for the NPF’s parliamentary candidate Tongai Chinhava, who has set his eyes on Mbizo constituency.

Famed for his public admission that he is the least educated parliamentarian but with brains, Blackman has continued to illuminate Kwekwe with his political exploits after resigning from the ruling party to join the former President Robert Mugabe-backed NPF.

The proud “Grade 2 dropout” even brags of being wiser than “learned politicians” such as Zanu PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Mnangagwa went to school to learn law, but I am a natural lawyer,” Matambanadzo said, to wild cheers from his supporters.

“We have to vote this liar (Mnangagwa) out on July 30. He is cruel and the people of Kwekwe know that and that has been the reason why they voted for an opposition candidate, Blessing Chebundo (MDC-T),” he shouted.

“He (Mnangagwa) has been violent and you taught him a lesson and we should repeat it now.”

For close to 30 minutes on one of his bodyguards’ shoulders, Matambanadzo chronicled his life in Zanu PF, claiming he was always made to live a life of an outcast by Mnangagwa and his backers, who did not like him and had always tried to isolate him.

“That is why I resigned. I was not chased away from Zanu PF. They always told people not to work with me. They tried to kill me several times. I was involved in four serious accidents, but thank God, I am alive,” he said.

Matambanadzo blasted Mnangagwa for conniving with Mugabe to run down the economy over the past 37 years during the time the two were bosom buddies.

“Where was he when the economy was being destroyed? Wasn’t he Mugabe’s deputy? All he was plotting was how to take over power from his boss. What a disrespectful man.
He was brought back into the country by Mugabe from Zambia and he even initially refused, but he wants to tell us today that he is the father of the revolution, what a liar.”

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  1. Vamatambanandzo Vanoremekedzwa, the isue now is not about VaMnangagwa, it is about how best you yourself can uplift the livelihoods of Kwekwe residents.

  2. From his rally is speeches I think Blackman is right ED is clueless and very uninspiring. If people entrust this country to Emmerson then we know Zimbos don’t want a better life, they enjoy hustling for a living.

  3. you say that now after being fired.

  4. vakanyagira yaona


  5. Matambanadzo agara asingadi nonsense. he once came out clearly open without fear distancing himself from criminals during Sekuru Robie era.And point of correction @[Morerush], Matambanadzo was not fired bt he resigned.Him and young n energetic ZANU PF Harare North MP Tongai Mudambo are some of t few MP`s who deliver to their promise, less talk more action.

  6. Addressing people-sitting on somebody else’s shoulders is clearly speaking of itself -a dictator worse than Mugabe;probably equal to the types of the ancient queen Nzinga or Chaka the ZULU KING;but why at this modern time& age?Even if this by free choice o the bearer but it speaks a lot on the kind of a man who loves to ride on the shoulders of his aids,clamoring to become our future leader

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