Artistes urged to promote nation

SENIOR principal director in the President’s Office Mary Mubi last week urged artistes to write songs portraying the country’s positive image to the outside world, as a way of promoting Zimbabwean culture and attracting tourists.


Speaking at a National Branding workshop on Thursday, Mubi said those in the culture industry should produce products that attracted investment.

“Musicians should write songs about things excite them about their country, we need to enlarge the message to the whole world by telling their own story they can contribute to the national branding exercise,” she said. Mubi said there was need for Zimbabwe to rediscover, reassess and reposition itself on the global stage by amplifying its vibrant culture.

“We need to convey it to the outside world that Zimbabwe is a competitive country in terms of our culture, arts, craft, music, food, clothes, stories, cultural products, linguistic diversity and heritage. Our culture should help in branding Zimbabwe to the outside world and that it is worth investing in,” she said.
She said there was need to mobilise citizens, mass media, businesses, government, private sector and other stakeholders to participate in the national branding process.

“Raising the image of Zimbabwe worldwide helps promote and stimulate creativity and talent in creating the national brand through music, videos, websites, brochures and many other platforms. This would help in creating a positive and strong nation brand that provides a crucial competitive advantage in this international arena,” she said.

Mubi added that different platforms such as radio and social media should be used to introspect on the country’s competitiveness and benchmarking its key sectors.

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