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AMHVoices:Chamisa should be honest, diplomatic


MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa keeps on digging his own hole deeper and deeper. After being rebutted by Rwandese President Paul Kagame for claiming that he was behind Rwanda’s ICT policy, Chamisa posted a picture of himself shaking hands with Kagame.

By Innocent Dube,Our Reader

The picture is clear that Chamisa thrust himself on the Rwandan President and there is no elongated chat, or the president would have stood up. This was a brief introduction, the kind that happens multiple times a day.

However, Chamisa claims that it was far more than that. In a reaction to Kagame’s tweet calling out Chamisa’s original outrageous claim, the MDC leader makes the ridiculous claim that he may not have remembered meeting him but he obviously remembered his presentation enough to ask for a copy and use it as the basis for his nation’s ICT policy.

The twisted logic is clear. Chamisa is trying to turn himself into irrational knots because he was found out and proven to be lying. That Chamisa would continue this war of words with a national leader shows how immature and “out of his depth” he is.

Chamisa should have accepted Kagame’s rebuke, buttoned his lip and moved on.

Being President means being statesmanlike, honest and diplomatic. Chamisa has shown in this latest episode he has none of these qualities.

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