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AMHVoices: Kudos to Warriors for winning Cosafa


I want to congratulate our Warriors team for returning Cosafa Cup back to our motherland Zimbabwe.

By Pardon,Our Reader

During the second half of the match, many viewers became hopeless, but the Warriors were very courageous. It shows they now know how to deal with disappointments and losses.

Nevertheless, the Warriors team brought back to the whole nation the days of partying at last.

I liked the spirit of unity. We must develop lifelong friendships regardless of other seemingly divisive elements.

By the way, Zambia is our sister nation, I mean sister from another mother as derived from the history of two nations, Zimbabwe and Zambia were formerly colonised by Britain and then later on named Southern Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia respectively.

There has never been bad blood between the two nations and would want to believe that the final match was more of a friendly match. Players were playing with brotherly love. Which is expected of us as their supporters.

Despite our different political views and our tribal crisis, we should let bygones be bygones. We must stop inheriting retrogressive feuds and vendettas that have no place in future of this country especially in national sporting activities.

Once more, congratulations to Warriors team for winning 4-2 against Zambia.

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