Act on Mukupe: Lawyer

POLICE have been challenged to go beyond rhetoric and act against politicians and government ministers who break the law if they are to be taken seriously and fulfil their constitutional role.


Lawyer Chris Mhike, who is representing NewsDay Weekender reporter Blessed Mhlanga and his wife Florence, who were assaulted at ZBC studios by Finance deputy minister Terrence Mukupe, wrote to the police demanding action.

“We note that from the time our clients reported the matter of theft of phone a Samsung S7 edge, by the deputy minister on May 24, no action has been taken and besides accused being on known abode, the matter remains undealt with, instead the police have instituted action against our clients who are victims,” Mhike wrote to the officer in charge of law and order.

Mhike said the fact that the police were now after the victims and letting loose that actual perpetrator was a violation of the Constitution and abuse of power by the government minister.

“We, hereby, place it on record that as far as we read the situation in terms of the law, the treatment of our two clients as accused persons under present circumstances constitutes an abuse of power by the deputy minister and a violation of section 61 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe which provides for the freedom of expression and freedom of the media and also constitutes unfair and unjust application of the law in respect of our clients,” he wrote.

Mhike works with Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) Zimbabwe under the media defence fund created to support journalists who come under fire while discharging their duties.


  1. It cannot be repeated often enough. With ZANU PF, one has to keep focused on its 37 year track record as well as its actions (or lack thereof) today. Not words and promises but past and present deeds. They are after all in power, so what is the excuse for inactivity on issues to do with law and order, corruption, or free and fair elections…?

  2. One law for the ordinary people and another law for those in positions to protect them even when they are doing wrong which has been happening for the past 37 years and just going on and this kind of law exists on the Afrian continent

  3. So much 4the new dispensation. There is a disconnect between words and deeds. Now that they have shown us their hand we have a moral duty on 30 July to punish them. #edhas0votes. Remember, he does believe a word he is preaching and wont vote 4his self.

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