Zuze in Biggie trouble


DYNAMOS coach, Biggie Zuze (pictured) is in trouble for publicly attacking the club’s executive, and could find himself jobless by the end of this week for his comments at the weekend that the hierarchy has described as “reckless.”


The under fire coach blasted his superiors for not taking care of the players’ welfare, which he said was the reason for the team’s underwhelming season so far.
He made the comments after DeMbare was outplayed by FC Platinum in the 2-0 defeat at Rufaro Stadium on Sunday, saying the players are owed monies from last season.
Dynamos president, Keni Mubaiwa is not taking Zuze’s decision to wash the club’s dirty linen in public lightly.

“It was reckless talk because he knows the situation at the club, unless he is saying we are locking away some money somewhere. I phoned him and he denied ever saying that. We will not tolerate something like that, because, as a coach, he is one of us and this blame game of his will not work. We will definitely act on it,” he said.

“The team was beaten, and he shouldn’t hide behind the finger. It’s not good. He didn’t have to go to the press and discuss in-house problems. This is something that we should solve internally. We don’t have the money and he knows it, even the players know it. That is the reason they continue to report for duty even without getting the money.”

Dynamos face Black Rhinos at Rufaro Stadium this afternoon, a match that Zuze is desperate to win following the humiliation at the hands of the league champions four days ago.

Zuze took over the reins after his former boss, Lloyd Mutasa was fired for poor results, with the former promising to steady the ship.

He started promisingly with a 1-0 win away to Bulawayo Chiefs, but was brought down to earth by an excellent FC Platinum.

Another defeat today and the axe, Mubaiwa said, will fall.

“We are in intensive care, and we want someone who can rescue us. We want a win, and if he can give that, then we will have to find someone else. We are in a situation where we can’t afford to drop points anymore. He is a temporary coach and we had hoped he would prove himself and we give him the job. But at the moment, its difficult to give him.”

Mubaiwa said they have already started the process of hunting for a substantive coach, with the club’s former gaffer Kalisto Pasuwa’s name still featuring.
Pasuwa has said he will not take the job, and has been linked with ZPC Kariba.

Castle Lager Premier Soccer League fixtures

Today: Herentals v Triangle (National Sports Stadium, 1pm), Yadah v Mutare City Rovers (National Sports Stadium), Bulawayo City v Highlanders (Barbourfields), Black Rhinos v Dynamos (Rufaro), FC Platinum v Nichrut (Mandava)


  1. Mubaiwa is zanu, since when has anything good come from zanu. You do not want the truth to be told that is the reason you want to fire the coach, go ahead and bring Bambo, who will tell you straight in your face that you worst administrator to occupy that office.

  2. Listen Mubaiwa, Biggie, did not go to the press, but, its the press that went to Biggie. The psl rules stipulates that, its mandatory for a coach to answer scribes questions after each and every match. So, you wanted Biggie to refuse to answer journalists questions?

  3. Am beginning to believe that, a certain ND journalist, is indirectly involved in firing and hiring of dynamos coaches. Some few seasons back, the same scribet used the power of the mighty pen to attack the portuguese coach who was later fired. The same scribe wantf Mutasa to stay and didnt want Zuze to takae over. Now, the same journalist is pushing hard to influence the dynamos directors to fire Zuze.
    As a dynamos HATER, i like the way this journalist is carrying out his mission, becoz at the end of the day, its me and other dynamos haters who would have the last and the loudest laugh.

    • you are the ONLY Dynamos hater, others don’t just support Dynamos and they are not haters..

    • You are the ONLY hater of Dynamos, others don’t just support Dynamos and not haters as you claim.

  4. Imi vapfumi vekumaDale,mukanzwa munhu wemughetto achiti haana mari it means kana yekutenga veg re20 cents chairo panenge pasina moreso mari yecombie $1.Saka vana Kenny ava should not equate kushaya kwavo mari yefertiliser yelawn nekushaya kwemughetto.And you expect a player to put 100% effort pamatch iye asiya mukadzi nevana vasina kana 20 cents yeveg.Unenge uchitofunga kuti mukadzi ari kutoita bhindauko nemabhiridha.Kenny stop driving your cars womboshandisa macombie

  5. My prediction for a match btwn Rhinos and dynamos is, 2-1 in favour of Black Rhinos. The army guys are gonna fight hard and bring shame to dynamos jujumos fc.

  6. Kenny Mubayiwa are you really normal????????????. You are expecting instant results when you are not investing and motivating players and coaches?????. How unrealistic you are. its clear you are not taking time to think. all you want is the pride of being the boss. shame on you.

  7. R. Sharuko attacks a coach until the coach is fired or he praises a coach until that coach is hired. Look what happened to L. Muatasa and now Biggie Zuze. Until a coach he wants is hired , there is trouble after trouble.

  8. Kenny Mubayiwa should be ashamed of his way of thinking. How do you harvest when you are not investing???. Biggie Zuze was seeing the rot of the executive and working with Lloyd Mutasa yet you grabbed the seat forgetting that tomorrow its him. why didn’t you refuse to work in the same atmosphere????

  9. @NACIDO, You being the Dynamos Hater doesn’t mean all the people hates Dynamos,other just don’t support the team and not haters of the team as you claim.Hatidi hunhu hweruvengo nhubu iwe…Kubhora hatidi zvakadaro.Asi wakatanga ku supporter bhora zuro uno?

  10. bring pasuwa back aigona kutamba nevanenzara a motivator than being a coach only

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