ZITF boss dumped me for being jobless: ’Hubby’ claims

A BULAWAYO, man who claims to be customarily married to the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) chairperson, Ruth Ncube, has filed an answering affidavit claiming that she only dumped him after he lost his job.


Wilson Sezi (53), who recently took Ncube to court demanding $3 800 monthly maintenance, filed an answering affidavit last week insisting the ZITF boss was his wife .
He said Ncube was not his former girlfriend, but his customary wife, saying there was an affidavit that Ncube signed before a commissioner of oaths showing she is married to him.

“It is clearly embarrassing that she then makes a U-turn and teams up with her brother to portray a different state of affairs. Furthermore, I started a company called Listerfil Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd trading as Small Scale Mining Supplies, which I brought her in as a board member. I hasten to state that I was bringing in my wife not a girlfriend,” Sezi said.

“The court should show its displeasure at the respondent for clearly lying to the court under oath. In fact, it is very contemptuous.

“I am not earning anything, as I was dismissed from the company I started, which she is still a member of.

”I was dismissed during subsistence of our marriage. From the time I was dismissed … the respondent began distancing herself from me, however, as I am still customarily married to respondent. I am not currently employed though I am trying to get back on my feet, as I was trying all along to fight my dismissal. The respondent being my lawful wife, being fully employed by First Mutual, ZITF, Listerfill Enterprises … Netone and Moseatunya to name but a few.

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”Before I lost my job, we lived a high life which I could afford. I would pray for an order of maintenances not necessarily for a life time but few months until I get on my feet. We maintained each other only until I was dismissed from work that is when she started to distance herself from me,” Sezi submitted.

Ncube has denied being married to Sezi , saying she only got to know about him through a friend in 2016.

Ncube said that Sezi failed to pay the full bride price, and could, therefore, not claim to be married to her, adding that she had learnt that he was a womaniser.

Ncube said she got rid of Sezi in 2017 and had not seen him in nine months.

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  1. Comment…Does it needs one to pay the full bride price in order to be accorded a married man, in shona we say kuroora hakuperi. Having been introduced to the man by a friend does not hold water here, so many married couples got married through introductions. This is very bad some women do not tolerate an out of employment husbands, vanofurirwa neshamwari.

    1. They are Ndebele not Shona

  2. Ruth must look after her husband zvekuti she met him through a friend hazvina kana basa izvo. At least akatombobvisirwa mari yeroora hake, vamwe varimo mudzimba umu hapana chakabviswa. What an irresponsible woman Ncube is!!!!! As man, we must stand up to this kind of abuse by women because vakadzi vave kutoenderera mberi nekumbunyukidza varume. Varume tiri mugango nevakadzi vanenge Ncube ava.

    1. Kwaaaaa. He should man up and take care of himself. Men are supposed to care of women and not the other way round fullstop!!!! Varume vamazuvaano matojaira zvisina basa. These are the SCRUBS which were sung about by TLC.

    2. Ruth stand your ground girl. No SCRUBS, NO LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. marriage is a contract this Ncube thing has thus wavered from and must own up to it. akati ukasabvisa roora rese hauna kuroora ndiani, she is a momney monger akutotsvaga mumwe wekudya

  4. marriage is a contract this Ncube thing has thus wavered from and must own up to it. akati ukasabvisa roora rese hauna kuroora ndiani, she is a momney monger akutotsvaga mumwe wekudya

  5. Murume chikwekwe kusanyara kuda kuchengetwa nemukadzi ngatsvage basa lazy fool

    1. I think these days the law puts men and women as equals. Anyone can claim maintenance. In this case he should claim maintenance. That’s just the law, that’s equality. That’s where the world is going and Zimbabwe cant be left alone. I would want everyone to be equal and this means issues like these should be treated the same across all genders. Let him get the maintenance.

  6. Each and every time they say women are being ill treated where are they on this things which are crystal clear,

  7. This story is very interesting. Not because of the Zitf FML boss whatever but because of the so called ‘hubby’ who was never a ‘hubby’. Thina abanye we know him at AAG where he was making a living by squandering imali and extorting money from amakhiwa lenxa yeindeginisation. He has never worked for all we know. He feeds on dirty deals. His friends say he has not serviced zesa for years, like many Zimbos. The point is he never had money nor worked. His late wife bought and owned the house he stays in. He feeds off women.Asisakhulumi ngamanzi which have been closed for years. USezi has no money at all and wants to blackmail the poor widow into settling the matter with a payment. Umama should not fall into this silly trap of a greedy gold digger. She has already paid enough for her poor choice of a man

    1. USezi lami ngiyamazi, limenemene sibili. I have known this trickster for 13 years now and I can confirm he’s as devious as they come!

  8. Muromo uyo wakatotsvuka ropa nekudya varume kkkk .This Ncube thing is a real mukorokoza at work.

  9. ko mabasa four kana kudarika mozvionawo sei wamwe tisina one zvaro apo onzi fully employed Inga zvake mukadzi uyo, but mutemo unotiikowo nazvo zvekushanda four mabasa munhu one

    1. One doesn’t get to sit on that many boards by magic. It shows that woman has worked hard and is good at what she does. So don’t hate

  10. ngaamoripwawo ka. vakadzi vanodya kumaintenwa havade kuripawo kana vaita mari.

  11. ncube bhadhara mari ingave less but one way or the other uchabhara.there is a difference btwn law n justice in this case law is not in ur favour ncube

  12. chengeta murume iwe benzi

  13. kabius kekedu

    In the absence of a minor child in his custody, he may only get financial support from that woman if and only if he had a marriage certificate. Since neither is there, this useless man should just shut up and forget about getting any cent from that woman.

  14. Maiwee.. pihwai mari makaleza zvenyu blazo. Haaa mapinda machena imi. Kuita mudyandigere ichibva zvayo kuna madam

  15. Comment…Arimukadzi arikutsvaga maintainance it appears no necessary sweat in the circumstance. This test case for gender equality. Murume akashoterwa ne agreed roora chete. Marriage is not exchange of woman for lobola, but that man’s liability to pay lobola in Zimbabwe is normal consequence of marriage contract. Our national constitution however patently seeks to grant the fair sex additional constitutional protection.

  16. Umdala lo lami ngiyamazi. He claims to be a man of God who has been to TB Joshua and been anointed and can tell you bible verses back to back. I wonder what real men of God think about this, infact I wonder what TB Joshua himself would say? He used to claim to be a businessman with this and that so I don’t understand why he would need a job? Now that he had a job how is his being fired her problem? Why must she look after a man who can’t even keep a job? People, you have no idea. Kalalutho lundoda, hambani liyezibonela! Ruth I wish I had known to warn you off this hypocrite, leech and scum of a man. You don’t deserve all this nonsense…nxaaaa!!!

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