Zimra catch $2 million fraud suspect

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) yesterday said it had apprehended the suspect who attempted to defraud it of $2 million.

By Freeman Makopa

Zimra commissioner general, Faith Mazani told NewsDay that the authority had intercepted a staffer, who tried to transfer funds into other people’s accounts.

“We ran an internal investigation and we are glad that we have finally captured the suspect from the IT (information technology) department, but we are yet to discover whom he was transferring to, so we are waiting for the bank to give us a statement,” she said.

“From the story that we gave yesterday (Saturday), we have sent nine people on forced leave in order to carryout proper investigations.

“The suspect was caught trying to do a transaction on Friday.

The Zimra boss said the suspect will be handed over to the police for full investigation.

“We are happy that we have cleared some of the suspects and we will continue the investigations,” she said.

“We still have other senior guys, who were responsible for the section. They are still on leave because we haven’t finished the investigations yet and tomorrow, we will continue.”

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  1. Ukaona ngoma yotsemuka, ziva kuti yabvira kare ichirira. My good guess is this has been happening for a long time. Madam Mazani should make sure this loophole is plugged in addition to identifying other loopholes.

    1. Poor ICT Systems Controls. Bvunzai isu vana Mr Data

  2. Its election time and all zanupf functionaries are in full throttle – a lie to woodwink voters.


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