Zimbabwe MDC leader vows to expel Chinese investors


A leading opposition politician in Zimbabwe has vowed to expel Chinese investors who are “looting” the country if he wins presidential elections due in July.


“We will kick out the Chinese companies,” Nelson Chamisa was quoted by the privately owned New Zimbabwe news site as saying.

“We want genuine deals that benefit the people,” he added.

Mr Chamisa took over from Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai following his death in February, but his leadership is being challenged by a rival faction led by former Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe.

The June poll will be the first since the forced resignation of long-serving ruler Robert Mugabe in November.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa will contest the election on the ticket of the ruling Zanu-PF party.

He is a strong advocate of a “Look East” policy, but has also been wooing Western investors since taking office.

“I have seen the deals that Ngwena [President Mnangagwa’s nickname] has entered into with China and others, they are busy asset-stripping the resources of the country,” the state-owned Herald newspaper quoted Mr Chamisa as saying at a May Day rally.

“I have said beginning September when I assume office I will call the Chinese and tell them the deals they signed are unacceptable and they should return to their country,” Mr Chamisa said.


    • Lets not resort to bare insults. Chamisa truly does not understand global trade and will need time to catch up. The reason why this is a highlighted story on BBC is because they simply can’t believe that our purported leaders could be this naive. Lets not exploit Chamisa’s youth and inexperience.

  1. I said before and will say it again, this Chamisa is as confrontational as former President Mugabe! When will he ever learn diplomacy? Why create enemies among economic powerhouses, when the easiest thing would have been to say he will review the trade deals!? Seriously, does he think people employed by the Chinese would vote to lose their jobs!?

    • Thats what Chamisa said. Go to youtube & listen for yourself. Politics is all about drumming up emotions in rallies. E.D rallies are boring truth be told. E.D speaks like a Headmaster, we want an exciting charismatic orator. The manifesto will detail the proper stuff. No investor just listens to speeches, they read manifestos & make decisions

    • I agree I think he took this one too far. Chamisa’s advisors should have known better. Chamisa is showing his inexperience with diplomacy. He needs to tread lightly he does not realise how influential the Chinese are on the political scene. The Junta’s trips to China were for a reason. China has an invested interest in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. Its the reality that China is the super power dictating politics in Africa.

  2. Chamisa is now lost. We need good investor policies for our country to go forward. I don’t blame the Chinese for externalising finance I blame the Mugabe regime. They were using Chinese to externalise their money. Chamisa please we want to win elections don’t just talk.

  3. Newsday I am one of your regular news readers but this is stooping to a very low level. Why not quote news from reputable organisations?

    Dont mislead people

    • taura hako iwe. at one point they quote new zimbabwe, then herald, what is wrong with you newsday guys, you couldn’t send your reporters to attend the rally?

  4. This is the truth, the Chinese are looting our resources left , right and centre. In the country side they are busy digging for minerals but saying they are digging for samples but they are refining the minerals and taking them out of the country. The truth is since we started this nonsense called LOOK EAST, in terms of development we have lagged behind countries like Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana to name a few. Yes Chamisa is right.

  5. Even thoo tinoda vanhu vanofunga mhani imi mega hamugaye here ryt now maZhingZhong arikuisa mari kuBank here?? mari yese varikuenda nayo kumusha kwavo izvozvi vashandi vamuri kuswero taura kuti havazovhotere Chamisa ndivo vanoda kuswero sunda mabhara asina makumbo here rekunzi ukagadzika pasi unorohwa..tune hutsinye tuvanhu utu after all kutitengesera zvinhu zvekuti chisiripasi kungochipfeka 2mins chabvaruka ndozvamurikuda here izvozvo ..we want to promote our own BATA nanaTextiles avo indaa soo imi kuda zvakachipa rabish lol

  6. Let the truth be told, if the chinese are looting, thats the truth. There is no need to beg the chinese to invest in Ziom if only they can do best is to externalise and bring substandard goods. kick them out, we want genuine frinds or partners

  7. Inini ndakashandira machina havana mari yavanoisa kubank kana vakakudzinga basa hauna mabenefits awunowana wakaenda kulabour vanotobriber vekuklabour vacho iwewe woshaya mari saka vanogarira chii muno ngavaende havo

  8. anyway chamisa will never be in office in september.what he wants is to make the chinese not to invest in zim.he is scared that they are bringing billions every month poor chamisa you are lost you dont even know how to play the game

  9. I still had a bit of respect for this young man and had never felt the urge to comment on utterances made by politicians. But honestly speaking, I am pretty much disappointed by this reckless statement by someone that purports to bear the hopes and vision for the general populace of this country. Some things are better left unsaid. I really wonder who his political advisor is. Maybe you really don’t know the colour of money Nelson nor do you understand what our country has been going through for the past 20 years. Take away the little that the Chinese have invested in the last 3 years and see what you will be left with. Perhaps the donations of condoms from the west are what you call real investment. Pray for the impartation of wisdom young man.

  10. Comment…no cash in banks yet u are supporting these zhing zhong. since long back machina akatarisa mabank asina cash. where were their billions. nxaaa

  11. Comment…Gore rino, upenyu chete. Vanhu tichanzwiririra nekuonerera.

  12. Comment…Gore rino, upenyu chete. Vanhu tichanzwiririra nekuonerera.
    Masango anoyera imi munoaziva. Cheshumba rineshumba imi munozviziva.
    Jemedza rine mapako imi munozviziva. Jemedza rineninga imi munozviziva. Ukanzwa ndati bvuma panoyera.

  13. I took it upon myself to actually listen to Chamisa’s speech after I saw a headline that he had vowed to expel the Chinese. At no time has Chamisa said vowed attack the Chinese race. The fact is he vowed to review every contract given to them by this current government. He vowed to cancel any contract which is not serving the interest of the nation. In the process those Chinese and other foreign nationals who will be found guilty will be deported. So tell me whats wrong with that?

  14. Nothing wrong here,some of you guys are too political,he said he wants deals that benefit the country at large,surely the country can have better deals kwete zvekuti vanhu vanongochera vachisiya makomba munyika voenda.

  15. Some elements in our midst may desperately want to straighten Chamisa’s own words,but to no avail, he has already made the mark in his campaign trail,it has already told us what kind of stuff he is-is he really a presidential material! I think he still wants to learn while in the sidelines,perhaps next time;by then I think we will have known Ngwena’s real inability for the whole term of office.LETS GIVE CHAMISA A CHANCE TO CONTINUE TO LEARN,while riding on trial the old horse,which has recently become its own man,testing it for its real abilities,fail for its term we push it off;lets not b cheated by those who only want to enjoy the comforts of our high office

  16. hallo guys i thimk chamisa he right coz we are tired of this chinese people guys.chamisa hes very correct lets not support this ngavaende kunyika kwavo we want better investers

  17. I used to respect Chamisa but he has been exposed as an idiot. Tsvangirai is 5 times better than this Chamisa youth. How can you expel the Chinese when the whole world depends on China? The USA, Europe, South America and Africa depend on China. Our next door neighbour South Africa depends on China.

    You can expel the Chinese, but where are you going to get investment? Donald Trump has extended sanctions on Zimbabwe. The USA and other western investors are not interested in Zimbabwe. China builds infrastructure, the USA gives IMF Loans with strings attached. IMF programmes like ESAP destroyed Zimbabwe and Debt multiplied to amounts that can never be repaid.

    My vote goes to ED or Khuphe, not this idiot called Chamisa. Anyway, ED is going to win these elections.Mnangagwa is wise because he is dealing with both the West and the Chinese.

    The Chinese are not the problem. The problem is government ministers who are looting financial aid and arranging corrupt deals. These ministers are capable of arranging corrupt deals with anyone including western investors.

    Chamisa’s rhetoric is xenophobic, not fit for a leader.

    • Zimbo you are a true Zimbo. It is refreshing to read a very insightful post for a change.

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