Zim owes peace to military: Rugeje

ZANU PF political commissar Engelbert Rugeje, who is also Doves Funeral service board chair, says the country owes its peace to the military.


Handing over a funeral hearse to the Zimbabwe National Army, Rugeje said Doves was prepared to fund the well-being of members of the national army by taking care of them during bereavement.

“It is of great importance to note that Zimbabwe is a very peaceful nation and we owe this to the vigilance of the security forces particularly the Zimbabwe National Army,” Rugeje said, adding: “We are who we are because of

The funeral group, besides donating a top-of-the-range hearse, which will cater for uniformed members who do not have funeral cover and can access all terrain roads, said they also assisted the army in the rehabilitation of its funeral parlour.

The donation was received by Army Commander, Lieutenant-General Edzai Chimonyo.


  1. Comment…rubbish we dont owe anyone anything army cant stop us its only us who are peaceful

  2. Nonsense that’s what they are paid to do. After all peace begins with me and you. Maintenance of peace is everyone’s duty not a one part product. If civilians were not peace lovers there would have taken up arms n went to war if they wanted to.

  3. Shakespeare Marovandima

    I hope the toddler is taking note of all this. When fart like this comes out of somebody’s mouth it is a clear message that Zimbabwe is a militarised state. When this generation of pot heads finally all kick the bucket then will there open a window of opportunity for real change in the country. Hopefully the toddler will not have self destructed by then, hopefully he will have grown up and acquired some wealth of his own by fair means.

  4. … l am gonna ask Mutsvangwa to come fuck the bullshit out your thick barrack head… we are a peace loving nation… n we owe it to ourselves…NOT to the security forces or anyone else! jus sell yo hearses and funeral policies to everyone in the barrack!

  5. Kutsvakira Doves basa. Vangariwanepi. Hve been taken to the cleaners by Sahwira Mukuru

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