Zicosu vows to fill COZWVA gap


THE Zanu PF-aligned Zimbabwe Congress of Students’ Union (Zicosu) has vowed to fill the “campaign machinery” gap left by the Children of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (COZWVA) that plans to de-campaign the ruling party ahead of polls.


COZWVA, which also draws its membership from the National Patriotic Front (NPF), early this week revealed plans to de-campaign Zanu PF in the rural areas, in the run-up to the harmonised elections, to allegedly punish the party for its “bad and evil deeds”.

COZWVA has over the years been vital cog of Zanu PF’s election campaigns, but Zicosu on Thursday said it had already filled the void left by the former, promising to deliver the rural vote to the ruling party.

Zicosu treasurer-general, Godknows Mdhari described COZWVA as a grouping of disgruntled G40 members still in denial that former President Robert Mugabe is “history”.
“The President and his government continue to create an environment conducive for exponential growth and development of this great nation. COZWVA should also live to the realistic natural translation from the former administration to this new dispensation, which seeks to redress the socio-economic crises faced by Zimbabweans,” Mdhari told journalists in Bulawayo on Thursday.

Mdhari said Zicosu would deliver election victory for Zanu PF.

“We stand to evaluate the true value of what is important and at this particular moment it’s all about the upcoming elections, and ensuring a Zanu PF victory, and such weak efforts by COZWVA are not important at all. They are just disgruntled and making noise. We want to listen to the President,” he said.

COZWVA severed ties with the ruling party early last year in protest over what it described as government’s failure to ensure the well-being and welfare of their parents.

COZWVA founder and chairperson, Munyaradzi Shoko dismissed Zicosu as a shameful organisation.

“A genuine students’ representative body will not support such a government. I have no doubt that such bogus student representatives are being paid by the junta to put discord within the Zimbabwean electoral system,” he said.

Zanu PF, at one time, disowned COZWVA as a bogus organisation after its leaders were expelled from the ruling party.


  1. we the majority of the people of zimbabwe support Nelson Chamisa because we want our country to be a better place to live.we know that nothing new can ever come from old people like ngwena chiwenga mutsvangwa and friends ,the very people who together with mugabe destroyed our once beautifull country and made us a laughing stock of the whole world.if GOD SAYS YES NO ONE CAN SAY NO

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