Zesn calls on Zec to embrace mobile, e-platforms

ELECTION watchdog, the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn) has called on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to embrace the use of short messaging services (SMS) and e-platforms for voters’ roll inspection.


“Zec should consider the use of SMS systems or web-based applications for voters’ roll inspection. This will quicken the inspection process, de-congest registration centres and swiftly rectify errors and ensure that individuals, who might not be able to physically present themselves at the inspection centres are catered for,” Zesn said in a statement.

Zec on Wednesday announced it had registered about 5,43 million voters as of April 2018.

“The commission should ensure adequate publicity and voter education of the voters’ roll inspection to provide comprehensive information to the electorate. Voter education should be inclusive of vulnerable groups, for example people with disabilities,” Zesn noted,

The election watchdog also called for the opening of as many inspection centres as possible to allow registered voters to check their details.

“The voters’ roll inspection regulations should prescribe clear procedures and stipulated timeframes for the filing of appeals, objections and complaints by aggrieved persons. Zec should open many centres for inspection given the 10-day period that has been set for the process,” the election watchdog said before calling on the government to provide adequate resources for the exercise.

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Zec announced that the provisional voters’ roll will be open for inspection from May 19 to 29 in line with the Electoral Act to allow the public to check if their details were correctly captured.

Zesn also called on Zec to ensure adequate publicity of the exercise to allow registered voters to present themselves during the 10-day exercise to avoid being turned away on election day.

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  1. ZEC should move with the times. We have under 6 million registered voters and designing a simple Web based application where one can query his/her registration status using national ID and name should be relatively easy. As suggested by ZESN this will decongest inspection centres as those with genuine issues would need physical presence at those centres.

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