Zesa sue Chinotimba over electricity bill

BUHERA South MP Joseph Chinotimba has been summoned to the High Court by the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) which is seeking to compel the legislator to settle a $43 716 electricity bill accumulated at his Watakai Plot 10 Concession.


According to the court papers Chinotimba’s plot is situated in the Mashonaland Central Province.

Through its lawyers Chihambakwe, Mutizwa and Partners, the power utility said in accordance with the agreement it entered into with Chinotimba, it supplied electricity at his plot, but the legislator had reneged in fulfilling the contractual agreement between the parties.

“The defendant (Chinotimba) is liable/indebted to the plaintiff (ZETDC) as at April 19, 2018 in the sum of $43 716,60 being charges for power/electricity supplied by the plaintiff to the defendant at the latter’s special request and instance in terms of the running electricity supply contract between the two, in respect of account number 2286246,” the power utility said in its declaration.

Although Chinotimba is yet to respond to the lawsuit, ZETDC maintains the MP was failing or neglecting to service the debt hence it has decided to approach the court for recourse.


  1. Ngwena iLizard

    zanu pf pple have been schooled on never to pay back loans, or service any debt or bills. They have been schooled well on the principle of “money grows on trees”

  2. There is corruption and conflict of interest at ZESA…Chihambakwe is a Board member @ ZESA and his company gets contracts to represent ZESA….this is happening under ZPF’s zero tolerance to corruption mantra…lol

  3. Chinotimba has many farms, he has another farm in chipinge near mount selinda. If zanu of is serious, they should deal with the issue of multiple farm ownership. That’s why agriculture is flopping. Uri kuBehera, concession, Chipinge neHarare. Pane chinobuda here ipapo or its just greediness

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