Zemura denies sex allegations

Shem Zemura

MIRAZVO Productions co-director Shem Zemura has denied allegations of sexual misconduct levelled against him by script writer Amanda Ranganawa, which he described as “malicious” and meant to tarnish his reputation.


Responding to the allegations through his lawyers Mbidzo, Muchadehama and Makoni, Zemura said there was an ulterior motive behind the allegations.

“We advise that our client denies every allegation of sexual misconduct or sexual advances towards yours as outlined in your letter. The allegations are malicious and quite unfortunate,” the letter in part reads.

“We are advised that such allegations, which were also published on social media and print media, were solely aimed at tarnishing our client’s reputation and for ulterior motives. It’s not necessary to get into further details regarding these unfounded sexual allegations.”

In March this year, Ranganawa, who is now based in South Africa, made sensational allegations that the Zemura brothers, Shem and Mike, attempted to bed her and sexually exploited other women in the trade before dumping them.

She further accused the brothers of refusing to pay her $300 for the script of the award-winning feature film Kushata Kwemoyo.

The two parties signed an agreement on November 12, 2017, in which Ranganawa was entitled to the $300 payment, while Zemura’s Rain Media would retain the ownership rights of the script.

Ranganawa’s lawyer Marufu Mandevere said they were now pushing for the cancellation of the agreement.

“She wasn’t paid anything. The film premiered already, which means it was sold. They have not provided anything. I think we will just go for the cancellation of the agreement when we finally file our papers at court,” he said.