Zanu PF members plot anti-Mnangagwa vote

Zanu PF party members in Murewa South constituency have vowed to vote against party leader Emmerson Mnangagwa come general elections if the commissariat fails to address the circus surrounding the primary elections in the constituency.

By Jairos Saunyama

On Monday, a number of polling stations were shut down as voters demanded the names of aspiring candidates Noah Mangondo and Michael Chifamba that were missing on ballot papers.

At Craiglea Primary School in Zawe district, police were seen picking up torn ballot papers, while hordes were reduced to ashes, as angry party members demanded fairness in the election.

When NewsDay visited Nyamita and Craiglea areas in Macheke, Murewa South, protesters blocked those voting, with others blaming provincial chairperson Joel Biggie Matiza, who is also the sitting legislator, of causing mayhem.

However, Matiza emerged the winner despite the number of spoiled votes totalling to 2 500.

His victory came despite the fact that no voting took place at some polling stations.

Party members, who spoke to NewsDay, said if the commissariat failed to address the problem and possibly hold a re-run, then they should forget about their votes come general election.

“This is unfair. Noah Mangondo and Chifamba were approved by the politburo, but their names are missing on the ballot papers. We are not going to entertain this and President Mnangagwa should know that if this is not addressed, then we will not vote for him. We want a re-run,” a party supporter, who cannot be named for professional reasons, said.

Another member said: “All the names of the candidates should appear on the ballot paper so that we vote for our preferred candidate. If we succeeded in removing (former President) Robert Mugabe, what will stop us from removing a mere MP in a fair manner?”

It was chaotic in Murewa South, with party members singing songs denouncing undemocratic ways in which the elections were being held in the area.

Only Matiza and Josphat Tanga’s names were appearing on the ballot papers.

NewsDay was reliably informed that party members were also mulling sponsoring an independent candidate if the leadership failed to address the

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  1. Useless Zanupf cant even hold half decent elections despite having an abundance of diverted looted state resources at their disposal

  2. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Vachakundwawo kuMDC vachada kuita zvimwechetezvo. Kuchaenda vakawanda ndiko kuchakunda musarudzo. Hazvina kutanga 2018 izvi, nekudaro ZVINOSHAMISABA.

    1. the article is about zanupf not about mdc. why are you so obsessed ne machinja…you fear machinja to the pants! hezvoko…bwaaaaa

  3. I like the fact that people are speaking about electoral injustices. At least there are signs that politics of entitlement and arrogance is a thing of the past.

  4. Dr. DJ Camarada

    Elections are typically stolen. Those who stole elections before can only perfect their stealing techniques while those that had victory stolen from them must create methods to stop the electoral theft. If it requires guns, then let it be so. Do not cry. Ruling a country is not for cry babies. If you cannot defend your own victory, how do you defend the country’s independence. Be mature and face it up.

  5. Comment…kuchinja ndozvo

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