Zanu PF manifesto highlights

The son to elected President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa (L)addresses thousands of Zanu PF supporters at the party's headquarters in Harare,Zimbabwe soon after his arrival from self imposed exile in South Africa.President Robert Mugabe resigned after pressure from both his Zanu PF party and the opposition MDC T.Mugabe tendered his resignation via the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda.Mugabe has been the leader of Zimbabwe since 1980 after a long protracted war.
  • TRANSFORM Zimbabwe into a middle-income economy by 2030. The party will focus aggressively on re-opening the country for business with the global economy community so as to rebuild our industries, create more jobs, eradicate the scourge of poverty and uplift people’s livelihoods
  • Uphold the land reform agenda that has greatly empowered the people of Zimbabwe.
  • Attaining an economic growth rate of at least 6% per annum over the period 2018-2023.
  • Targeting $5 billion annual foreign direct investment inflows and $10 billion in domestic investment.
  • Increasing industrial capacity utilisation to at least 90% by 2023.
  • Delivering 1,5 million medium income housing units over the period 2018-2023.
  • Accelerate the harmonisation of investment laws in order to improve ease of doing business in the country.
  • Increase provision of rural electricity.
  • Capacitation of the National Railways of Zimbabwe, improve road network for Victoria Falls-Bulawayo-Harare-Mutare.
  • Provision of the Chitungwiza-Harare fast rail.
  • Enhance the science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics programmes.
  • Re-integration into the global economy.


  1. After destroying the country for 38 years. Who can believe what they are saying now???Mwana we nyoka inyoka chete

    • nyoka ndiwe. sekuru vako bhobho havana kufanana na ngwena wazwa. ngwena will make zimbabwe great again. at least pane zvaakaita. akadushura mabhunu, akadushura mugabe waikutambudzi since 1999. imi chiti tauriai chamakaita kunze wekuti vanhu vatambudzwe nema satanic sanctions. kana mbwagwadziwa nema sanctions hwoti i zanu.

      • Zanu haina kana nyadzi shuwa. 38yrs vachimamira nyika ino nhasi votaura zvekupenga kuti tivavhotere. You have to be a multiplied fool or high on weed to believe this crap of a manifesto. EDiot has been in the echelons of Zanu since 1980. What new can this fool conjure? Coup plotters.

    • Its called renewal dude. you don’t renew a new thing but an old one. Our Zanu PF is undergoing renewal process.

    • @Camilla, only a fool can believe this. They want more time, what about the 38 years they have spent doing nothing.

  2. These are the same people who promised 2 million jobs in 2013. I smell a rat especially after 37 years of destroying what Ian Smith had built. It is impossible for ZANU PF to reinvent itself. Handei tione.

  3. This is very realistic and achievable. Now we want to see the hows and employment figures.

  4. only an idiot can believe a zanupf manifesto, l’d rather place my bet on seeing a bullet train from Chamisa in my remaining lifetime than listening ever again to these tried and tested crooks

  5. Mnangagwa and Chamisa are all singing the same song using different hymn books. All we are waiting for now is the one who can deliver hounaring his promises. The manifesto was carefully drafted. This time no 2 million jobs. Mugabe promised 2 million jobs and managed to employ Simba and Bona only.

  6. this is a different zanu pf though people are the same.these people have repented they are now focussing on rebuilding the country.let us give them the chance.ed is a visionary leader he is going to deliver the goods.chamisa is not the right canditate for the job because he is too young and childish.zimbabwe is big for him ngaaambokura.zimbabwe is not yet ready to be ruled by opposion political parties zanu pf is still very strong.the party is stronger than before because of the new dispensation.chokwadi hapana anoti pweee.

  7. zanu hapana zvainoita ndati hapana pataka siwa nasmith nanhasi ndipapo saka zanu hapana zvainoita

  8. We are living for the future not for the past my dear friends ,lets work together to look forward and make our life change than to wasting time tooking nonsense .Most people of Zimbabwean population now there are educated they know what they want ,let’s give time to Ngwena pliz because he deserve to rule

  9. The Nonfesto looks Too much like a summary of what Chamisa has been saying in rallies. What is happening here? Ndiani aka composer document iri pakati pe Zanu ne MDC ??

  10. Nonsense Zanu PF. What renewal. Zimbabweans are fooled once again to believe Zanu is changed because Mugabe is gone. The same junta has been in control Mugabe was being controlled. Remember 2008 junta returned him back in office

  11. How I hate mnhu ano funga kti a white skin is so special anoita kndibaya chaiko .Ian Smith chii ? Wake up mwana wamai . Tine madzikoma akadzokorora magrade 7 3 times vakazo enda form 1 ktanga kwa1980 naSmith wako iyeye . Vazhinji vaigumra grade kuitra vawane cheap labour

  12. Comrade ED rotated several ministries and nothing tangible has been noticed to those ministries,yes I can easily concur with how the fact that Ian Smith was opressive and these comrades had sacrificed everything to take him down but remember there was the help of Chimbwidos, Mujibhas and

  13. Comrade ED rotated several ministries and nothing tangible has been noticed to those ministries,yes I can easily concur with the fact that Ian Smith was opressive and these comrades had sacrificed everything to take him down but remember there was the help of Chimbwidos, Mujibhas and with the help of parents to free the generations to come but today those still alive are taking advantage of being well positioned to enjoy the fruits of the liberation struggle alone. In fact let this old respected comrades revamp their ZANU pf and vote for themselves since they are so segregative to us who were born post independence but later required our votes. I lastly suggest that if I was there by then I would also fought for my freedom from Ian Smith.Since 1980 to we were under the oppression of RG Mugabe seconded by Simon Muzenda, Mai Mujuru and ED Munangagwa. We better change for the sake of our generation rather than give a chance to an already ceased engine which will cost us more than fitting the brand new Nelson Chamisa who has the fresh mind and new tricks to take the nation forward.75yrs-38yrs=37 ED’s age in 1980 and he was already in politics and Chamisa is 40 and with great ideas.

  14. My friends & l will never allow ourselves to be lied to. Uyo achiri kutsigiro zanu imbavha

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