Zanu PF manifesto a pie in the sky


Zanu PF’s manifesto, launched last Friday, has been described as shambolic, as once again the party makes promises it clearly cannot fulfil.

The most obvious outlandish promise they made was that they will build 1,5 million houses in the next five years, when they failed to construct 250 000 during the last five years, as they had promised.

Mathematically it is impossible to construct that number of houses and why they bothered making such a promise is quite bewildering.

It is as if the party never learns, as five years ago, they promised to create 2,2 million jobs, something they obviously failed to do.

The party then made kindergarten mistakes in their leader, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s biography, begging the question: If they cannot get that right, then what can they get right?

As a ruling party, with so much resources, they should get the basics right instead of this rushed job.

The party must be embarrassed by that and they would do well to redo the whole project and offering promises that are achievable.

In their manifesto, Zanu PF should have apologised for their role in destroying the country and decimating the economy, as this is one thing that would have made sense.

The party is campaigning as if it is an opposition party and telling the country what they will offer, because they have nothing to show for the previous 38 years.

Zanu PF should not take voters for granted by making promises they cannot keep because one day the electorate will punish them.

It is quite ironic that Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, at the manifesto launch, attacked MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa for making eccentric promises like a bullet train, when his party, Zanu PF, is also making unattainable promises.

With the election season upon us, it is quite important that voters scrutinise the manifestos parties are launching and vote for what they think can be achieved.

Parties should make realistic promises and voters should judge them by what they offer.


  1. The forest may appear different but monkeys remain the same. A change is as good as a rest.

  2. ChAMISA supporters are to confident to the point of delusion….u think ZANU/Khupe have zero support u are in for a shock


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