Zanu PF activist fined for disorderly conduct


A MATABELELAND North-based Zanu PF activist, Kholwani Mbambo, has been fined $100 for disorderly conduct after he disrupted the party’s primary elections in Umguza constituency a week ago.


Mbambo was convicted on his on plea of guilty to the disorderly conduct charge when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Rachel Mukanga on Monday.

Mukanga ordered him to pay a $100 fine on or before May 30, failing which he risked a two-month jail term.

The complainant in the matter was Zanu PF ward 2 chairperson Godfrey Ncube.

The court heard that on April 29, Mbambo chanted party slogans during Zanu PF primary elections at Llewellyn Barracks in Umguza, thus disturbing the peace at the polling station.

He was immediately arrested for conduct likely to incite voters to disturb peace, security and order at the polling station.


  1. Comment…Vanhu vanoita mhirizhonga dzakanangana nezvematongerwo enyika ngavavharirwe kusvika sarudzo dzapfuura. Ndovanhu vakakonzera kufa kwevanhu vakawanda avava musarudzo
    dzose dzakaitwa.

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