Women turn to ‘highlighting,’ ‘contouring’ to enhance beauty

FROM time immemorial, women have wondered and admired beautiful and flawless make-up displayed by women on the small screen — and sometimes in the glossy pages of trending fashion and beauty magazines.


Time and again, they have tried to imitate this phenomenon, but with no luck, as they could not live the dreams social media was selling to them.
But thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who shared their tricks on social media, highlighting and contouring have become the biggest rage of the moment for make-up fanatics around the world.

NewsDay Weekender Life & Style spoke to Deliwe Mutandiro, an entrepreneur and make-up artist, who shared insights into the new phenomenon that allows women to look as beautiful as they want.

“Highlighting and contouring is an old trick that enhances the bone structure and brings out your cheek bones slimming your nose and sculpts your face,” she said.

“To contour, one uses a cream or powder two shades darker than one’s skin tone on the nose, forehead, chin and cheek bones and highlighting uses a highlighting concealer under eyes, centre of the nose in the middle part of the forehead, Cupid’s bow and chin.”

Mutandiro compared the trend to a one-day surgery that leaves women all confident with a slimmer face and a gooey finish.

Mutandiro began her career in 2013 and has worked with United States-based Vault founder, Jackie Mgido, who showed her the ropes in make up until 2016 when she and her partner, Tsungai Mwakwanya, opened up a studio in Avondale called The Make-Up Bar.

The duo employs four people at the studio and have worked their magic on a number of celebrities, including former Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson, Marry Chiwenga, socialite and entrepreneur, Olindah Chapel, songbird, Cynthia Mare and top radio presenters, Candice Mwakalyeyle and KVG.

The expecting mother of one said she has been able to strike a balance between her family and business obligations by utilising every chance she got to spend some time with her family.

“I do not let my work interfere with family time. That is why most times when I am at home, I am not reachable. I also make the little time that I have with my family count, especially considering that we don’t travel due to the hype that we experience during the holidays and weekends with weddings,” she said.

The beautician applauded local make-up artists who have been able to ride the storm emanating from the current economic challenges without pulling each other down.

The Make-Up Bar holds classes for aspiring artists and the duo encouraged make-up artists to follow their dreams, highlight and contour their skin, while rocking dark lips with copper eyes and moisturise their skin as they slay this winter.

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