Women organisation ropes in Juntal

Self-proclaimed King of Rhumba Farai “Juntal” Serima was recently roped in by Rock the Red Business Hub founding president Abigail Magwenzi to produce a song, Mudzimai Shanda, developed from the musician’s hit song Mutupo.

By Tafadzwa Kachiko

The song was pre-launched on Tuesday in Harare ahead of the grand launch slated for May 30 at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Magwezi, a former television personality and pastor with ZAOGA, said she rearranged Mutupo to Mudzimai Shanda to push her Red Lipstick Revolution campaign, which encourages women to work hard.

“It just encourages women to rise against circumstances or challenges in life. You can cry and cry, but you must go on your mirror and smile. Whatever happens to you, you should not remain asleep wake up and rise above your troubles,” she said.

Magwenzi said some women may not instantly fall in love with its message but they will ultimately get it.

“I just came back from London and saw this man in a furry jacket and hat with semi-naked ladies dancing on ZBC-TV to Mutupo. I loved its beat, but I didn’t get the message, that’s when God showed me how to rearrange the song with new lyrics,” she said.

“Somebody might not like our message but as long as she likes Juntal and the beat she will eventually get connected. They will definitely dance to the new track but we are saying before that they should work. If they just dance without bringing food on the table, they will be wasting time.”

Juntal said being a musician with people at heart he did not have problems with Magwenzi’s idea and believes Mutupo’s fame won’t die as well.

“I was so overwhelmed when she told me that I have a voice that speaks to the people. She told me about her interest to encourage women to engage in life-changing projects and as a musician with people at heart I agreed. I love working with the public very much,” he said.

“As a creative artiste, I did not face any challenges in reciting the lyrics and the new track will not in any way affect the Mutupo fame.”

Guest of honour at the event Tsitsi Mufambi of Women of Faith Ministries encouraged women to embrace the opportunity brought by Magwenzi to work together in fighting economic challenges.

“God has raised a woman (Magwenzi) to help you understand what to do with your money now we need hard working women who say no to corruption, no to prostitution,” she said.

The organisation formed in December 2017 is involved in 15 sectors that include health, trading agri-business and manufacturing.

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