Upgraded Beitbridge Municipality faces waste management challenges


THE newly upgraded Beitbridge Municipality is facing challenges dealing with litter due to high transit population and has invited private sector players to partner it in its effort to keep the town clean.


Speaking at the celebrations on the attainment of municipality status by Beitbridge on Thursday night, the district administrator, Kiliboni Ndou-Mbedzi said the town was seeking for partnerships in dealing with litter.

“Among all the challenges, Beitbridge Municipality is facing is the upkeep of Beitbridge town vicinity. Due to high transit population, the town has challenges dealing with litter on a daily basis,” she said.

Beitbridge border post (pictured) is the busiest port of entry in Sub-Saharan Africa. Around 3 000 vehicles and 14 000 people pass through the port of entry on a daily basis.

Ndou-Mbedzi said the town was also engaged in a project termed The greening project aimed at keeping the town green.

“We are quite aware of such popular terms as ‘green is life’, trees are life and that’s what we want to promote in our beloved Beitbridge town. The town is working on partnering the private sector, engaging residents and staff to come together to clean the town.

“The municipality has also embarked on planting trees and in just over eight years since our first trees, we have over 2 000 trees planted around the town under this project. We continue to encourage residents to green open spaces and planting trees,” Ndou-Mbedzi said.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently upgraded Beitbridge Town Council to municipal status following the border town’s phenomenal growth in recent years and its strategic economic location