Uhuru promoter cancels show. . . as Jah Prayzah steals limelight


SOUTH Africa-based music promotions company, Nqoza Entertainment was forced to cancel its Uhuru Festival, which was slated for last Saturday after the main acts Professor, Stiff and Dr Malinga pulled out at the 11th hour.


The South Africans were expected to headline the event, which was going to compete for numbers with Jah Prayzah, who was performing at Hartsfield Tshisanyama.

Douglas Ndlovu of Nqoza Entertainment, said the lack of proper planning forced them to shelve the show.

“We failed to pay Professor and some of the artistes in time, so Professor ended up taking another gig. The kwaito star was the main act and crowd puller and his absence dampened the gig,” he said.

I am the one, who was handling everything in Bulawayo, while my superiors are based in South Africa,” he said.

Nqoza Entertainment director, Nqobizitha Ncube, apologised to fans and assured them that they will reschedule the show.

“We apologise to our Bulawayo fans for cancelling the event. I know many had planned for this date and we disappointed them,” he said.

“We assure you that we will bring back the event at a date to be announced soon.”

Ncube said when Professor pulled out, there was no point in going ahead with the show, since he was the crowd puller.

The festival cancellation could have surged the numbers at Jah Prayzah’s show, which was oversubscribed with locals and foreigners attending the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) attending.

Jah Prayzah performed for close to three hours at a packed venue, belting out his old and new hits.