Tongai Moyo’s ‘son’ in court for stealing 3 empty beer bottles

A SUSPECTED Harare thief, Tongai Moyo, who is also known as Joshua Chitema, was yesterday disowned by his “sibling” Utakataka band leader, Peter Moyo, after he claimed to be the son of the late sungura musician, with whom he shares names.


Chitema is accused of stealing various items which include three empty beer and two soft drink bottles from parked vehicles.

The accused, among other things, lined up Peter as his defence witnesses when he appeared before Harare magistrate Tilda Mazhande.

While testifying in court, Chitema said he bought the empty bottles from a passer-by with the money he had received from sibling Peter.

When asked about his relationship with Peter, he said he was son to the late musician, Tongai, and his wife, Barbara Muchengeti, also late.

However, Moyo refuted the claim, saying he only knew Chitema, as his fan who attended his shows.

Chitema said he was born on December 24, 1994. But Peter told the court that it was impossible for Chitema to be Muchengeti’s son, because she was born in 1986 and was only eight years at that time.

Allegations are that on April 30 this year, the complainant, Taurai Kadirire, parked his motor vehicle at Trafalgar Court.

During the night, Chitema allegedly force-opened the doors and stole a vehicle battery, three empty beer and two soft drinks bottles.

On the same day Chitema allegedly broke into Norman Muzanenhamo’s vehicle and stole two speakers, an amplifier, jack and wheel spanner.

Chitema was arrested by security guards on the next day, but nothing was recovered.

Shambidzeni Fungura appeared for the State.

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