Timmy celebrates academic achievement


PHILANTHROPIST and business mogul Nigel Chanakira has challenged young people to emulate the hard work exhibited by comedian Timothy “Timmy” Tapfumaneyi, who started off as a gardener at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and is now a financial advisor at Old Mutual Life Assurance.


Speaking at a ceremony to celebrate Timmy’s attainment of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) held at Old Hararians Sports Club on Saturday, Chanakira said young people should take a leaf from the comedian’s book.

“Youths should borrow a leaf from Timmy’s profile. He was inspired by his late mother’s teachings in the rural area of Hwedza and today he is rubbing shoulders with business gurus. Indeed, all I can say is Timmy is a celebrity par excellence,” he said.

“When he called, I had to give him attention more so after I read his profile. Timmy, don’t stop here. Keep on flying to the pinnacle.”

Tapfumaneyi had three “O” Level passes when he started working at ZBC, but he persevered and tutored himself until he attained an MBA last year. He is currently working on a doctorate degree.

Lawyer, author and motivational speaker, Arthur Marara encouraged guests to be practical and work hard to transform their lives instead of merely expecting miracles.
“We are here to celebrate someone who defied the odds and did not blame marine spirits. We really need to be practical about personal development because certain things do not need prayers, but hard work,” he said.

The celebrations started with an exhibition that saw ZOU, Pumpkin Hotel, Flexi Wood Enterprises, Floyd Panel Beaters among other companies, showcasing their products and services.


  1. Thats the spirit. We should emulate what Timmy na Bonzo did. Education is power. I am really motivated by this achievement. From Zero to HERO. GO GO Timmy.

  2. Well done to him, ZOU’s MBA programme is one of the best in terms of content and relevance in this country. Unlike what we are seeing in the market at the moment this MBA programme is a comprehensive one that comes with 16+ modules plus a dessertation and all this cant be practically done within 12 months and there are no short cuts to it. Zimche should seriously consider probe some of these institutions offering MBA programmes with as little as 6 modules at times.

  3. This Timmy guy is indeed something else. I just want to congratulate him on this great achievement. He is indeed an inspiration to many. Completing that ZOU MBA was no mean feat. I know of guys who ran away from that programme opting for programmes elsewhere claiming it is too demanding and for Timmy to have done that one is demonstration of toughness on his part. Wishing you the best Timmy.

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