Time to push out military rule: Ncube

MDC leader Welshman Ncube has urged the electorate to vote out President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “military-captured” government in the upcoming general elections or risk entrenching military rule for the next five years.


Ncube, who is MDC Alliance spokesperson, made the remarks during a campaign rally in Ntabazinduna, Matabeleland South province, on Sunday.

The Ncube-led MDC is a member of the MDC Alliance, whose presidential candidate is Nelson Chamisa.

“We are now in the most critical final phase of dislodging Zanu PF rule, which has now turned into a military rulership. If we miss this opportunity in this upcoming election, we will be ruled by the military full time,” he said.

“Don’t ever think that Emmerson Mnangagwa is the one ruling the country. He is surrounded by the military, the very same people that forcibly removed [former President] Robert Mugabe. After chasing Mugabe, they did not return to the barracks, they only removed military combat in exchange for suits.”

Ncube said the military, after removing Mugabe last November, called Mnangagwa back from exile to be their stooge.

“[Vice-President Constantino] Chiwenga is pretending to be Mnangagwa’s deputy yet in real fact, he is being deputised by Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa is busy saying ‘pasi nemhandu’, but he is surrounded by the very same people he is denouncing,” he said.

“The army did not end by taking over the country, it went further to control Zanu PF. The junta flooded every polling station with military personnel. If you vote for people who have captured Zanu PF, this will entail that we are under military rule forever.”

Ncube claimed the Lacoste faction plan was for Mnangagwa to be in power for five years and pave way for Chiwenga to take over.

“In this election, we must remove power from the military and bring it back to the people, civilian rule,” he said.

But Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister Angeline Masuku on Saturday said she did not agree with the claim that the military toppled Mugabe.

Masuku, while addressing war veterans at an outreach meeting at Stanley Square in Bulawayo, said it was not true that the military staged a coup to install Mnangagwa.

“I do not agree with the assertion that Zimbabwe Defence Forces [ZDF] took the country by force. I did not see the ZDF full on the streets, but I saw people of all tribes and colour on the streets,” she said. “ZDF did not force people to go out in the streets.”

She insisted that the change of government administration was not a military idea, but was citizens’ idea shown through their numbers during the demonstration in Harare.

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  1. its too late welshman you failed to do that under a united mdc during morgans days in case you have a thin memory we have been under military rule since after war of liberation and that staus quo will continue until amen

    1. Murambatsvina

      It’s never too late for change

  2. Welshman knows very well that he does not have supporters,hence the reason why he is not participating in elections as an MP. On the event that Nelson wins, he eyeing VP post. He is someone seeking political relevance.

    1. You are right! The so-called MDC Alliance is an alliance of the real MDC with political parasites like Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti and others. Welshman is an educated political fool!

  3. military rule and civilian rule are totally different. the former is meant to oppress without any logic. see how the firing of nurses was done.

    1. please correctly define for me ”millitary rule”. musangowawata.

  4. Eagle's eye & baboon's ears

    As i said before i like to analyse the message being put through than looking at the person saying it , will i be wrong to say the downfall of this country was not Mugabe’s doing but that of the whole Zanuiods and Juntas and eliasha included

  5. What ever the case may be this country with the current and future generations is in abyss!Little and shallow minds are those without the concerns of identifying people who have the capacity and ability to move forward this poorly ruled country to greater heights. Why should we sink so low and continue denigrating people in terms of their geographical existence instead of uniting and coming up with an agenda that enhances total emancipation and development. This pomposity characterized with confusion when the citizenry is walloped with poverty, sickness, discomfort and desperation will consequent to criticisms from the future generations.

    1. Observer -you have impressive wise guts dude….these people cant even define military rule…even military and rule separately …People retired from army are allowed to go to politics as they became civilians by retiring. Pple who make noise of military chakati-chakatiz are political opportunists selfish political office seekers, who doeznt consider unity of purpose for citizen irregardless of background. They consider sanctions for prevailing suffering ordinary citizens for political office gain….PASI NEMHANDUUU

  6. There was a coup de’tat on the 18th of November 2017 only foolish ad cowards don’t want to believe this , if Zanu PF has gone through the impeachment process with the support of the people who matched and avoid take over of Zbctv and all Radio stations I would be agreeing with the word new dispansation with Zanu PF , they got it wrong when the involved the army and moved the tankers in the streets as a sign of threatening other security sectors and they exposed themselves by appointing soldiers into government , this showed that ED was put into power by the army not by the povo . The current regime is a junta like what Welshman has said , and Chiwenga is calling the shoots . ED is proving so low by being used to front the junta’s move . The election if held will prove the world what I am talking about . ICHO .

  7. @cde fact kutaura kwausina kuswera iwe ndiwe mandu

  8. true that @Mudhara

  9. You couldn’t have put it any clearer and i feel sorry for those who cant see the truth before them.

  10. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    Very funny, this is why MDC will never win. All they are saying is that people must not be ruled by army people, WHY?? Why must the army people not rule Zimbabwe, after all they fought for it from the whites? MDC please tell us why you must rule us you MDC, and not always talking against the army. What is wrong with the army anyway. So anyone who has been in the army necessarily kisses goodbye to country leadership, WHY? No wonder why the late Muzenda foretold that Zanupf will rule till donkeys grow horns, he had actually analysed MDC’s foolishness. If I had a chance I would ask Weslshman’s wife how Welshman proposed love to her. Because instead of taling about his streangths, he just says other people are not good without giving reasons. Can we remind you Welshmen, had it not been your foolishness and selfishness, Tsvangirayi would have ruled in 2008, but your always negative attitude was at it again, Tsvangirayi is uneducated, you said and parted ways with him. You will always be shameles failures despite your token levels of education.

    1. You have said it all, mwana wevhu! Welshman is such a selfish character, and with him in the MDC Alliance, Chamisa does not need an enemy!

  11. Mukwirivindi- The army fought for our freedom,what do you mean…I know that the military and the war veterans are 2 very different groups..So you think the whole world that objects to military rule is stupid and you are the smart one..The funny part is that most of you guys are the same people vakasapota Mugabe kusvika nyika yaita mamvemve muchingoita nharo…Most zanupf people are just political turncoats kungoteera kuri kuenda mhepo..as long as tichidya…
    Future yevana venyu hamunei nayo….Its so funny how less than a year ago Munangagwa almost alone kunopinda muMozambique netsoka..where you..Maideedzera munhu wese kunà amai…what a shame..
    This junta must not rule us because they lied that they wanted to remove criminal elements around Mugabe,yet they were just lying vaingoda power chete…Jonathan,Saviour,Grace,Zhuwao and chombo are still very free…What a horde of lies

  12. Why contest elections against a military junta? A junta should not be participating in civilian elections you dozy morons. You will not get rid of a junta in elections – the junta will rig and you can do nothing about it. You are legitimizing a junta by letting the junta participate in civilian elections. What will you do if you lose? Complain it was a military junta?

  13. Tanga taneta naMugabe chete, ZANUPF ndiwo musangano wedu, handeyi tione kuti imi musingaide munowinner here come July 30.

  14. Zvakagozha, tainiwa nemvura tichigwira nyika vamwe muri zvanana vane musati mazvagwa, nhasi moti tisatonga ! kkkkkk Munogan’a zvomene!!!!

  15. Zvakagozha, tainiwa nemvura tichigwira nyika vamwe muri zvanana vanwe musati mazvagwa, nhasi moti tisatonga ! kkkkkk Munogan’a zvomene!!!!

  16. Saka kana naiwa uchigwa wava muridzi wenyika. Uri shiri yemunhu

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