Teachers dismiss salary hike reports


TEACHERS have dismissed reports that the government haS awarded them a salary hike, and vowed to go ahead with their planned strike action when schools open for the second term tomorrow.


In a statement yesterday, Federations of Zimbabwe Educators’ Union (Fozeu) said all representatives of teachers unions would meet government officials today to try and resolve their stalemate, failing which they would down tools.

“We, as Fozeu, strongly reject insinuations coming through the media that teachers have sealed a salary hike deal with the government. This is patently and blatantly false. It is mischievous and a creation of the enemies of the success of Fozeu. These are just media spins.”

Unions affiliated to Fozeu are Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), Professional Educators’ Union of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association and Zimbabwe National Teachers’ Union.

“In the meantime, we urge our members to remain vigilant and ready for combat come Tuesday May 8, 2018 if our demands and concerns are not positively addressed in the meeting of May 7, 2018,” Fozeu said.

PTUZ president, Takavafira Zhou said teachers had grown impatient over the government’s false promises.

“We did not receive any information regarding salary increment. We do not know why the government is negotiating with the media instead of negotiating with us, Fozeu. As it stands, we are going ahead with the strike until our demands are met. We want concrete agreements and this should be done the right way. We are tired of promises, we do not eat promises,” he said.

On Friday, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Monitoring Implementation of Government Programmes, Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, said the government was committed to negotiations aimed at improving the working conditions of all civil servants, including teachers.


  1. Dont civil servant salaries already consume 90% of the national budget? Zvakaoma zvemu Zimbabwe. Kana vanetsa futi just fire them all and hire new teachers, unemployment is so high you can throw a stone down a street and hit an unemployed qualified school teacher.

    • You are a big idiot Twimbo you think by hating a teacher then your life will improve. Duzvi ndimi vanhu maitumwa kundoponda vanhu muna 2008 . Vanengozi manje kungorotomoka kutaura uri duzvi retsoko

  2. Manje maenda kustrike Chiwenga ari acting president. ED anowana mavekumusha. Musazoti hatina kukuudzai.

  3. Twimbo you devil’s agent!

    You are an insensitive buffoon who is obviously benefiting from Zanu’s shamelessness.

    Kana mukadzi you abuse you brutal savage.

  4. Strike is not the right thing to do now especially considering that the country is going into elections lest your motive may be construed as purely political, worst still these unions have been head recently on May day siding with the opposition. Teachers don`t be used

  5. ED does not want to be blamed for firing of teachers hence he has run away to the Sheikh’s land, very clever. General will as usual fire the teachers.

  6. MaTeacher we as Zimbabweans we understand your plight we also sympathise with you. Striking is not the solution sit down with them and resolve your difference amicably

  7. Shame on you uneducated semiliterate Twimbo, ask your self why other countries can pay their civil servants better.How many universties are in South Africa? That will give a big number of schools…….flary of educators, but well paid, so why not Zim teachers? Stop your politcal arithmetic and give Teachers Real money. Shut your hogbath and be realistic and appreciate.

  8. The Noble Profession has been invaded by POWER HUNGRY individuals as much as your case is genuine and noble, you are too fragmented how on earth can you have 5 Unions representing Teachers chances of you being infiltrated by people of dubious characters during your job action are high and that will compromise your efforts to be heard, watch this. My humble suggestion is just have 2 Unions one representing the Urban and one representing the Rural Teachers.

  9. why kumirira vanhu vaende kustrike pamakawedzera madoctor makadini kuwedzera munhu wese zve devide n rule hatichada

  10. Comment…manje kana muchida kusiya basa itai .tinoswera takuno hodha madomasi tose.kkkkkk

  11. Comment…manje kana muchidkusiya basa itai .tinoswera takuno hodha madomasi tose.kkkkkk c .n

  12. Who in Zimbabwe does not know that the government has no money ? If teachers go on strike , they will leave the government with no option ,except to fire the teachers . Mark my my word .


  14. What does “teacher” mean? As a nation, we are now at that stage where if you are not satisfied you move on or you get moved on and let real teachers at heart come in. If teachers thought they were going to make a bundle through teaching, then they have been lied to during training. TEACHING IS A CALLING!! I urge Cde FIRE THEM(VP Chiwenga) to be ready to fire those who down chalks and dusters. Plenty plus people are willing to take up teaching so those already teaching, please be gratefull.

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