Supermodel catwalks into politics

Rairo Gunguwo

SUPERMODEL Rairo Chengetai Gunguwo has walked off the ramp into the world of politics, as she has set her eyes on the Seke parliamentary seat held by Zanu PF legislator, Phineas Chiota, ahead of the forthcoming harmonised elections.


The 27-year-old former Miss Universities first princess (2012) and holder of a politics and public management degree yesterday told NewsDay Life & Style that although she was turning to politics, she would not toss away her modelling career.

Gunguwo said politics would, however, enable her to break barriers and open doors for young people aspiring to serve their communities and she wanted to play a role in her “generation’s struggle”.

Gunguwo said getting into politics as an independent candidate was an obligation to her generation that was desperate for a better Zimbabwe.

“Having studied politics at university, and long at how Zimbabweans are living, is enough motivation for one to have an interest in governance issues,” she said.

“I wanted to be part of a system that dictates my everyday life not just complaining or blaming others, but acting.”

Gunguwo said there was need for young people to work with the older generation for progress and development.

“All young and old have to build a Zimbabwe they yearn for by supporting fresh minds running for public office,” she said.

Gunguwo said she decided to do it independently because she only wanted to address people’s problems rather than push political party agendas.

“My manifesto is about sustainable development. I am yet to see a party that can balance its agenda and that of the povo. I am young and would love to see government walk the talk of youth inclusion,” she said.

Gunguwo expressed confidence that she will wrestle the constituency from the incumbent parliamentarian.

“I want to bring sustainable development, which has been missing for a long time in the constituency,” she said.

“The constituency is underdeveloped due to absence of the sustainable initiatives.”


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