St Mary’s MDC-T primaries fail again

THE opposition MDC-T has, for the second time in a week, failed to hold primary elections for its candidates in St Mary’s constituency, Chitungwiza, as a result of intra-party violence.


The elections were violently disrupted again yesterday after similar clashes on Friday, with one of the aspiring candidates, Hillary Gwata, accusing his rival and sitting legislator Unganai Tarusenga of pushing him out of the race.

MDC-T provincial spokesperson Bernard Mazhindu confirmed the clashes.

“We had a problem in St Mary’s, where elections were stopped in all wards because some people wanted the name of their candidate to be there. We urge our supporters to learn that the party reserves the right to appoint or disappoint a party member who forwards their CVs,” he said.

Tarusenga declined to comment over the matter, saying the issue was resolved on Saturday and Gwata and the other aspirant, Adam Puzo, were aware of the party’s position.

But Gwata insisted that he would contest the primary elections despite attempts to block him.

“I have been campaigning for the past three years, but nobody said I was not eligible. So why now? This in not fair at all,” he said.

At the time of going to print, there were unconfirmed reports that Gwata’s supporters had been arrested for smashing window panes at Puzo’s house.


  1. Tendai Chaminuka

    Zanu p.f rudzi inozvara mdc t ine violence

  2. Dog eat dog! Asante Sana boyz dzangu!

  3. Divergent Views

    “Campaigning for the past three years”…? Aspiring candidates were only given the green light to campaign a few weeks ago, I don’t know who gave this Hillary Gwata fella the permission to campaign since 2015. Which election guidelines was he following? From which party?He seems to be confused. If he thinks he can go it solo, it is his democratic right to go independent but he should not cause unnecessary commotion.

  4. I wonder what those who were very critical of ZPF failures with their elections are saying now! A case of the kettle calling the pot black.

    You demand even the impossible from ZEC yet you can’t organize or guarantee your own party’s elections.

  5. Aiwaka maPrimary ndechomumba.

  6. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    MDC is a party of thugs. All along I was thinkoing MDC was something to rely on. No. Zanupf is miles better, especially with Munangagwa. Chamisa is the chief calprit of violence. Consider how he stole power safter death of Tsvangirayi and violenced out Khupe and Mudzuri

  7. The way gwata is behaving shows he is not a true mdc cadre . akuroverei vanhu ndaasiye vanhu vavhote onogadzirisa nyaya yake kuHarvest house MT house uko… atobatwa nemweya wekupanduka achifurirwa naJob sikhala asinga funge mutengesi tikukuonai henyu nembavha inonzi phillip mutoti ….. Kungoda kusvibisa Chamisa chete

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