Self-proclaimed Ndebele king defends Mpofu

SELF-PROCLAIMED Ndebele king, Stanley Raphael Khumalo has come to the defence of Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu, who is accused of blocking the installation of Chief Felix Nhlanhlayemangwe Khayisa Ndiweni.


Khumalo’s spokesperson, Greater Sibanda said the Ndiwenis are tasting their own medicine after taking sides in the King Lobengula kingship wrangle and supporting the installation of South Africa-based Bulelani Collin Khumalo as Ndebele king.

Reports say the Ndiwenis are embroiled in a chieftainship wrangle, and accuse Mpofu of meddling in their affairs.

Reports allege Mpofu is against Felix being installed substantive chief ahead of Thambo – who also claims to be the heir.

The government has postponed the installation of Felix, who was acting chief, a development well received by the self-proclaimed Ndebele king.

“I support minister Mpofu on his stance on [Felix] Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni. I agree that Nhlanhlayamangwe is not a chief in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe governing traditional leaders. The use of Chief Maduna to fight his wars is an abuse of an old man that we respect so much,” Sibanda said. Ads

“Nhlanhlayamangwe, together with Chief Vezi Maduna, have no reasons to blame Mpofu for interference, as the duo is also interfering in the Khumalo kingship wrangle. As true custodians of our culture, their actions are least expected. In a normal situation, as chiefs, they should be running trying to bring the warring parties together.”

Felix supported the installation of the South Africa-based Bulelani as King Lobengula’s heir.

The government, however, banned the coronation event, arguing it was unconstitutional.

The ban was upheld by Justice Martin Makonese following an urgent High Court chamber application by the crown council.

Raphael declared himself as the new Ndebele king before unveiling a new Mthwakazi flag in June last year.

Lobengula was the last king after a British Pioneer Column led by Cecil John Rhodes destroyed the Ndebele Kingdom in 1983.


  1. You and Mpofu are not amaNdebele. That is why you support each other. Leave Ndebele cultural matters to Ndebele people. Stop claiming our identity. Stick to your own tribal identity – Zim Constitution now recognised 16 officila languages. So leave the Ndebele alone!

  2. Blocked Ndebele king and paramount chief apparent Ndiweni are viewed as threats to the interests of powerful individuals among the government in Harare. Obert is their faithful puppy who will be used by them until he is seen as being of no further use, after which he will be unceremoniously dumped. It’s standard procedure among such individuals when dealing with what they call the Ndebele problem or question.

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