Rugeje sweats over shambolic Zanu PF primaries

Engelbert Rugeje

ZANU PF political commissar, Engelbert Rugeje is reportedly under pressure to make urgent determination on hundreds of appeals filed by party candidates, who lost in the just-ended chaotic party primary elections.


The majority of the losing candidates are demanding nullification of the results and a re-start of the process, claiming the primary elections held at the weekend were fraught with irregularities and could not be deemed as free and fair.

Rugeje yesterday declined to comment on the issue, accusing the media of fuelling tension by prematurely publishing unofficial results before they were confirmed by his office.

“I will call you when I am ready. I won’t comment on anything before I announce officially, who won and who lost the primaries. It is my process and you have to wait,” he said.

Since Monday, Rugeje’s office has reportedly been inundated with complaints from various parts of the country, with some losing candidates claiming manipulation of the voters’ rolls, violence, vote-buying and stuffing of ballot boxes by rivals.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Zanu PF members, believed to be sympathetic to the party’s losing Harare South losing parliamentary aspirant, Douglas Mahiya, yesterday stormed the party headquarters demonstrating against winning candidate, Tongai Mnangagwa, whom they accused of manipulating the voters’ roll to disadvantage his rival.

The ruling party activists threatened to vote opposition candidates in the upcoming elections if their demands for a re-run were ignored.

Tongai is believed to be related to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and was allegedly imposed in the constituency.

Mnangagwa has, however, described the internal polls as healthy.


  1. Comment…Both Mahiya and Tongai are outsiders in Harare South, Tonderai Nkomo is the legitment candidate for the area. Mahiya is known in Chitungwiza where he resides for the better of his life.As for Tongai we do not know where he comes from only to be seen now coming to the area sponsoring soccer tournaments and buying beer for the unemployed youths.

  2. Mahiya has been resident in Harare South (stoneridge) and has stayed there for the longest possible time since 2002 or 2003.

  3. It is my process and you have to wait,” he said.VaRugeje these are civilians havahwisisi mutauro wechisoja vanofunga kuti mavakuvamhura.Primary Election is there to fine tune the party before National Elections and this is done through effective administration yekuti tikati 7:00 is the starting time for voting ngaive iyo not 4 p.m.The voters’ roll should be availed as it is kwete zveku disfranchise vamwe vanhu.Gore rino

  4. Yah Rugeje has proved to be an incompetent administrator. For the PC one expected someone both good with oratory skills and better on management and admin. Unfortunately, Rugeje falls short on both. This ZANU PF habit of appointing people based on seneority an not ability will be their undoing. Oh, nice haircut by the way Mr PC, you certainly look 14 therefore a novice.

  5. Mnangagwa said the voice of the people is the voice of God. We are going to have free and fair elections. Kiri if you lose that is the voice of the people in democracy. Kkkkk zanu pf is not used to free and fair game. Well done Rugeje siyana naKiri anopenga uyo.

  6. Rugeje has no idea, they thought it was a walk in the park. But I like this confusion in Zanu, let it continue.

  7. Welcome to democracy job well done Rugeje let them cry the voice of the people is the voice of God

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