Qounfuzed releases a new love jam

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that Qounfuzed has now mastered the art of writing love songs if his latest song is anything to go by.

Arts Reporter


Titled Pamwe Urikufara, the song was produced by Angeo Pablo of Zayaan Empire.

Pamwe Urikufara is dedicated to a girl who is playing so hard to get. The guy tries everything, from calling to texting until he ends up saying Pamwe Urikufara (Maybe you are happy).

The intro to the song starts with an acoustic guitar with Qounfuzed’s sonorous voice blending in well and we could not save his cadence but venerate to bits.

The Dancehall chanter who is also notorious for his witty wordplay and rhyme schemes plunged two hardcore verses expressing how he feels about being side-swept and went on to scold, ‘Pamwe uchandida kana zvinhu zvangu zvichinge zvakufaya.’


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