Political turncoats, prophets should stay out of polls


WHOEVER coined the phrase ‘politics is a dirty game’ must have had Zanu PF kind of politics in mind, given the levels of hypocrisy shown by some of the ruling party’s so-called ‘clairvoyants’.

For their so-called prophesies always conveniently suit the occasion.

It would appear each election season always unearthes some peculiar characters, or rather exposes their curious side as these so-called prophets jump into the ring to influence the electorate’s minds ahead of the polls.

Just a few months ago, some die-hard Zanu PF followers, among them respected men and women of the cloth, were jostling to bootlick then President Robert Mugabe, going as far as anointing him ‘Life President’ while denouncing his deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa as a power-hungry monster plotting to topple their revered leader.

Curiously, the same characters are back in the ring this time prophesying ‘life presidency” for and singing their voices hoarse in praise of the same Mnangagwa they once labelled a ‘rebel’.

It is regrettable that Mnangagwa has also decided to walk the same road Mugabe walked, and use the same individuals – political turncoats and pseudo-prophets to further his agenda.

On Wednesday, it was the Johanne Marange Apostolic Church assuring Mnangagwa of victory in the forthcoming general elections. Are these not the very same people who used to sing the same praises for Mugabe, whenever he visited Mafararikwa Village?

It would appear we ain’t seen nothing yet, as Zanu PF has many of these ‘prophets of convenience’ who only spring to action when it’s election season to take their positions as pseudo political commissars.

It’s quite unfortunate when mere mortals seek to drag a divine God into their own political machinations. God has given men the freedom of choice and the people of Zimbabwe should be allowed to make their own choices as to who will be the country’s next President without these self-appointed prophets throwing spanners in the works.

Sadly, just like the media, the prophets because of their positions in their communities are regarded as opinion leaders whose word is usually taken as the gospel truth. But we believe the electorate should be given space to freely choose their leaders without undue influence from any of these groups.

Whether or not that choice would be bad for Zimbabwe is neither here nor there, but that is what democracy is all about. People should be allowed to make their own choices informed by what the contesting individuals and parties are promising, rather than be forced to use a head mentality by influencing them to believe that so and so is God’s choice.

The citizens have their best chance ever to influence the course of this nation’s future and they should be allowed to do so without these so-called political “prophets” that always seem to throw in their lot with whoever is in power.

In fact, these preachers are duty-bound to speak truth to power. Why do they not interrogate the leaders they praise about their bad decisions over the past years? Why not rebuke them for sleeping easy at night in their comfort and luxury while the majority of the population is sleeping in bank queues to access a few precious dollars?

These are the people who bring God’s name into disrepute. We urge Mnangagwa to stay clear of these individuals as they have no divine powers to influence the outcome of the forthcoming election result.


  1. daily news its unfortunate its for everyone to see that Chamisa will not only loose Presidential Elections but by a wide margin

  2. Marange supports the government of the day. Former president Cde Mugabe was the face of the government of the day then.

  3. Politicians and their supporters can camouflage and go to any to length realigning themselves where bread is buttered. They have no agenda whatsoever. On the religious field, the original gospel has been distorted for prosperity, metastasized to the political arena and now a recipe for chaos unfortunately. With the surge of ‘fishers of gold’ who can ‘prophesy’ anything to eke out a living, the true gospel has largely lost purpose. We are now told what we would like to hear at the expense of the bitter truth.

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