Police, Zanu PF supporters clash


UGLY scenes were the order of the day at Zanu PF’s headquarters in Harare yesterday, as riot police officers crushed demonstrations by hordes of ruling party supporters, over the alleged imposition of candidates in various constituencies across the country.


First to arrive at the party headquarters were placard-waving Goromonzi South Zanu PF members, demonstrating against the alleged imposition of Labour minister Petronella Kagonye, as the party’s parliamentary candidate for the constituency.

All hell broke loose after baton-wielding police officers swiftly moved in and indiscriminately bashed them, forcing the demonstrators to scatter in different directions.

Soon after dispersing the first group, two more teams of disgruntled Zanu PF activists from Hurungwe East and Mazowe West constituencies stormed the party offices, giving police a torrid time, as they battled to drive out the protestors.

As tempers flared, with the activists turning violent, top party officials then intervened and allowed them to air out their grievances.

Zanu PF national political commissar, Engelbert Rugeje said he was out of office, while the party spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo said he was unaware of the demonstrations.

In separate interviews, the angry protesters vowed to continue piling pressure until their grievances are addressed.

The protesters threatened to ditch the party’s presidential candidate, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and vote for opposition candidates if the alleged imposed Zanu PF candidates were allowed to stand in this year’s general elections.

“I came from Goromonzi South and in as far as I am concerned I don’t have an MP,” one supporter, Shepherd Mangeiwaya, said.

“Zimbabwe is a free country and Zanu PF is a democratic party that will allow the will
of the people to prevail.

“What happened in the primaries is short of what we expected and we took several steps to have the matter addressed, but nothing happened.

“This is why we are here. No form of violence will silence us.

“The only way forward is to call for a rerun, which will be conducted in a free and fair way, otherwise its game on.”

Others deplored the use of violence to disperse them, claiming a similar tact was used on war veterans, but the actions later came back to haunt those who had instructed the move.

In 2016, a group of disgruntled war veterans were teargassed after they attempted to gather close to the party headquarters to have their grievances addressed.
“What we are seeing here is that our grievances are not being taken seriously.

“Most of the people that you see here are poor ordinary party members, who just want things to be done right.

“The majority have sold chickens and goats back home to come and voice their concerns,” Tarisai Mujaka, from Hurungwe East, said.

“If they don’t take our concerns seriously, there is a way to punish them. We will go to NPF (National Patriotic Front) or vote (MDC-T leader, Nelson) Chamisa. We will go and mobilise other people not to vote for those imposed people.

“Zanu PF is better than this and we are giving our leaders a chance to correct things.”

A group from Mazowe West, that gathered a distance away from the Zanu PF headquarters, told NewsDay that the “imposed” candidate is not the people’s favourite.
In Mazowe West, sitting MP and provincial chairman, Kazembe Kazembe was declared the winner, yet in the same voting process, the party ordered a rerun for the women’s quota slot.

Kazembe was challenged by several candidates, including Tafadzwa Musarara.

“It’s clear that if the matter is not solved, we will not vote for the particular MP, never, that is not going to happen.

“The leadership acknowledged that there were some problems, but ignored where it is most important.

“No one is going to vote for imposition.

“We want a rerun and we must be allowed to vote.

“Elections were rigged and we are not happy,” Jairos Simbi lamented.

Others said they did not fear the police’s heavy-handedness.

In 2008, Zanu PF suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of MDC-T in the first round of voting after angry party supporters embarked on what is known as bhora musango, where the ruling party’s supporters voted for the opposition.


  1. these demostrators must ask the war vets what happened to them once upon a time at the open freedom square, i am sure there will not repeat the same mistake of going to demostrate at the party headquarters again

  2. Daily News you are funny. You are quiet on MDC_T primary elections. For ZANU PF primary elections are over and everyone is welcome to vote whoever he/she wants. Opposition is decampaining itself so we are are going to romp to victory easily.

    • Since last week this daily has been reporting on irregularities within the MDC-T factions and even on Monday if i remember well. Please do your homework and learn to read the daily on a daily basis.

  3. Is it that you dont have journalists in Masvingo? Yesterday there were clashes of MDC T people in Masvingo but you ignored. You are partisan the same way you accuse the Herald of being partisan.

  4. What is news here? Is it the fact that the paper is not covering other parties’ electoral problems or that there were clashes at Zanu (PF) headquarters yesterday? So now Daily News reporters must stop publishing Zanu (PF) skirmishes until after checking if there were other skirmishes in MDC and NPF?
    Myopic view of the Press in my view!

  5. For me i would luv to hav Chamisa as our president i believe he has what it takes to turn things around in our country and the guy has great communicating skills above all he also went thru what every Zimbabwean has gone thru so he knows our pain we are tired of living our lives as refugees if Zanu Pf truly cares about Zimbabwe they wouldn’t hav rigged the election when they did but bcoz they dnt care about us but power for dat i thnk its best we go wth Chamisa 4 change lets change 4 the better my brothers,sisters,mothers,fathers i mean everyone enough is enough we are being called names by other countries where we go hoping 4 a better life and its all thanks to Zanu Pf and its cabinet they can say anythng make promises just to make sure they remain in power so they empower themselves and their families like we see general Chiwenga appointing his father 4 a job he probably does not deseve but firing 16000 Zimbabweans who truly deseve and need the jobs in a sence if u take ur time and look at it u can actually see what Zanu is about u dnt need someone to tel u about them i jst pray and hope dat wen the time cum we will do whats right 4 Zimbabwe as the Zimbabweans guys we go to school we graduate yet there is no jobs we are losing hope 4 our future we watched our fathers failing to provide 4 us now we failing our own kids when wil it stop kanti

    • spot on man this time we are going to throw zanu into the dustbin.never again will a monster called zanu pf torment us again

  6. # tag protect your vote.ZEC Employs zanu pf corodinators to remove people on voters role the time you go and verify your registration details.i urge all rural voters to be carefull this is another rigging technic

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