Police summon suspended Makore over ‘missing laptop’

SUSPENDED Hwange Colliery Company boss, Thomas Makore, together with his information technology manager, Fidelis Chamunorwa, were yesterday summoned by the police for questioning in connection with a “missing laptop”, as workers and stakeholders are accusing him of poor management.


His lawyer, Selby Hwacha of Dube, Manikai and Hwacha Legal Practitioners, confirmed the development, but was quick to state that it was “not an arrest, but a clarification by the police”.

“As you might be aware, the MD was involved in some extortion issue, which involved the company secretary and before his suspension, he had suspended the company secretary,” Hwacha said.

“He took a laptop and gave the IT manager for safe keeping. But then tables turned and now he is suspended, the company secretary is back at work and went to report to the police that the laptop was missing. So he was called for clarification.

“The laptop is there because it is company property and there is no case to write home about. I have left the station because, as far as I know, he is going home.”

Makore was suspended on Monday for insubordination, bribery and corruption-related allegations and his lawyers have been engaging the company for an amicable solution to the issue, which at some point included his departure from the organisation.

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  1. ‘Charge office’ is not a good hotel to make a reservation Mr Makore, chances are they will be calling you back to confirm your booking.

  2. The two fighting men (MD and company lawyer/secretary) have been very cruel to us Ex-workers, only if they knew the suffering they have caused on us by concentrating on victimizing and bullying us by abusing the judicial system and using media houses to publicize falsehoods at the expense of concentrating on rebuilding Hwange Colliery; to me these are the SATAN of Hwange Colliery community and must go soonest together with any of the underqualified and non perfoming managers they appointed to lead Hwange Colliery. An audit of authenticity of qualifications of all workers starting with the managerial employees will expose a lot.

  3. makore is a shameless cruel devil

    running down the once mighty company

    makore lacks innovation

    he’s brain is bankrupt

    not looking into the welfare of workers and taking appropriate measures to address anomalies in itself speak a lot about the mediocrity of this caliber of fake ruthless managers cum thugs

  4. Mwemba Villager

    Makore and his corrupt managers have to go. Colliery workers are currently celebrating his suspension because he was only interested in lining his pocket and bribing local politicians and service chiefs by awarding them dubious tenders

  5. Treasury Bill

    The axe must also fall at some workers at General office because they have also joined the bandwagon of being corrupt especially at Finance and Human Resources where they are busy lining their pockets like Thomas Makore at the expense of suffering workers. A forensic audit is needed as a matter of urgency. The ‘captured’ journalists/media houses need to be investigated by ZMC as well.

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