Pasuwa tips Ngezi

Kalisto Pasuwa

FORMER Dynamos and Warriors coach Kalisto Pasuwa has showered praise on high flying Ngezi Platinum for their consistency in the league race, but warned them against complacency in their championship bid.


Last season, the Mhondoro side was one of the favourites to land the crown after a good start, but ran out of steam towards the end, culminating in FC Platinum claiming the title by beating Dynamos to the finishing line on the last day of the league programme.

This term, Tonderai Ndiraya’s men have displayed a lion-hearted show which has seen them go on an incredible 11-match unbeaten run. Pasuwa, who led Dynamos to an unprecedented four successive titles between 2011 and 2014, hailed Ngezi Platinum for the way they have gone about their business thus far.

He said the well-resourced teams stood a good chance in the race.

Pasuwa was though quick to remind them about the dangers of complacency, citing army side Black Rhinos, who had a stormy start to the season, but ended up fighting relegation after struggling to maintain form in the second half of the season.

“It’s certainly going to be a tough one considering most teams are well funded. If you look at the two Platinums, Chicken Inn and Triangle, they are all stable and the coming in of NetOne to sponsor Dynamos, Highlanders and Caps United makes things a lot better for them. On the field of play, Ngezi Platinum is setting the pace while FC Platinum is also doing well just as Highlanders and Chicken Inn, but it’s still early to say this and that team is going to come out tops at the end of the season, you will never know what will happen in the second half of the season,” Pasuwa said.

The former Dynamos coach challenged Ngezi Platinum to be consistent in the second half. “Look at Black Rhinos last season, they were fighting relegation. What will be more important for teams like Ngezi Platinum, FC Platinum and Highlanders is consistency, without that, what we are seeing now on the table will not count. There maybe heartbreaks and surprises but for now it’s well done Ngezi, keep fighting and improving until you hit the line,” he added

Ngezi Platinum is the only team that remains unbeaten after 11 matches of the campaign having drawn just twice against ZPC Kariba and Shabanie Mine and top the table with 29 points, while FC Platinum and Highlanders are second and third with 26 and 21 points respectively.

Ndiraya’s men have already passed a tough examination against the traditional giants where they have collected maximum points against Dynamos (1-0), Highlanders (1-0) before edging Caps United 2-1 at the National Sports Stadium on Sunday, the first time for them to beat the Green Machine since their promotion into the top flight league.
It however, remains to be seen if Ndiraya and his men can go all the way and win the ultimate domestic football prize.


  1. shut up pasuwa dynamos is the team which nurtured and moulded you so you must see believe and sing dembare till death do you apart

    • SHUT UP DEZEZURU RUBBISH! Go to your mother Garce Mugabe and sing your silly dezezuru unconquerable song there!

  2. eliasha musoro wako wakadzungaira. Will that help even when you sing De-Mbare till death. Dynamos is just a spent force. Thanks to these well resourced clubs because gone are the days when players used to stamped to play for Dynamos despite not receicing a decent salary from the club. As long as Dynamos remains in this habit of turning players into beggars, they should know that they will be donating the best players to these well resourced clubs. After the match players need something on the table kwete kungonzi ndinotambira De-Mbare.

  3. Well said Pasuwa.

    Platinum teams are a joy to watch and must keep on striding and striding until they touch the line. I love the way these teams are managed.

    Since Caps are dropping points, how about you, (Pasuwa) apply, for a coaching job at Caps? Chitembwe has run out of ideas and is frustrating lots of talented players. Its high time, Caps show Chitembwe an exit door.

  4. @weJazi, Very true. Gone are the days when dynamos players used to don those KINGSATE sponsored jerseys vakamira mira muzvima bridge muma street cnrs, showing off kuti vakutambira dynamos. These days its money money money money and more money. If you dont give players money, they dont eat praises from fans and they dont eat ugly blue jerseys.

    Refs also have realised that, gone are the when they used to favour dynamos and in a certain season, awarding dubious penalties to dhinyonyo to win the league. Thanks to advanced technology, these locals refs are desisting from that tendency.

  5. Eliasha you got it wrong ,Pasuwa he is right he has to comment on psl team based on merit. So you expect him to say Dynamos is doing well,no even l am the dembare supporter but l cant say we are in the rightpath for psl championship. Our team is not doing well Unless we pull up our socks

  6. Dynamos must DIE!!!
    Dynamos must DIE!!!
    Dynamos must DIE!!!

    Robson sharuko and Mhara, i believe their BPs are high these days. These two men always praise dynamos in their articles. The Herald guy goes to the extent of writting pages and pages praising dynamos leaving out other teams as if dynamos is the only team in Zim.

    The majority of dynamos ex players are languishing in poverty in rural areas and high density areas. A certain tiny ex dynamos player anzwa neku dzingwa muma flats for failing to pay rentals.

  7. @ NACIDO RICO,Please don’t hate Dynamos to such an extent.Why kurwadziwa nayo kudaro ummmm????? Suspect.Are you a soccer fan? I wonder, hakuna zvakadaro.I know your team man, that’s why you are telling Pasuwa a Dynamos son to apply for a job to save your sinking team.Torai vana venyu variko wani.Don’t you have your former players?Yu hate Dynamos but you want it’s sons to come and help you nxaaa.Uri Duzvi iwe

  8. pasuwa kungoti well done keep it up zvakangonaka kwete kutaura kwausina kuswera 11 games unbeaten hazvitaure kuhwina league full stop

  9. Iwe chimu supporter che dynamos, B€CHE RA AMAI VAKO RINO NHUWA. SATAN¥OKO!!!

    There is nothing like dynamos sons. Wanzwa here iwe bharanzi?

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