Of Zanu PF perennial losers


Persistence, perseverance, patience, they say, are the hallmarks of success. Not so for many Zanu PF parliamentary aspirants, who have tried their luck several times with no success after being beaten in the party’s primary elections consecutively.


Talk of the law of diminishing returns!

Despite keeping eyes on the ball for so many years, they seem to continue chasing it frantically.

Below is the list of the main habitual losers in Masvingo:

Vengesai Guni

The University of Zimbabwe law lecturer Vengesai Guni tops the list of perennial Zanu PF primary election losers.

Guni, from Gutu South, has attempted to land the seat six consecutive times, but luck continues to evade him.

He has unsuccessfully tried to represent his party in Gutu South since 2000, 2005, 2008, 2013 as well as this year, but failed to make it past the Zanu PF primary elections.

Whether the primaries and the selection processes were free and fair, that is a subject for another day.

From 2000 to 2008, he faced the late Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mahofa, former legislator for the area, and later became Gutu Senator, but was outwitted.
Trying to launch his campaign on Guni Clinic in his home area, the serial loser’s strategy was curtailed as the health centre was mothballed for a long time and could not start offering services after political bickering.

In 2008, he finally managed to operationalise it and used it as a launchpad, but the party forwarded Mahofa’s name to fulfil the women’s quota obligations, cutting short Guni’s ambition.

In 2013, Mahofa was to stand for a Senatorial seat in Gutu and this left Guni facing Paul Chimedza and others.

Without the gift of the gab and age taking its toll, Guni, who sometimes stammers, failed to make it again.

He was trounced by Chimedza, who was to become a short-lived Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister before being fired from Zanu PF following the November coup that saw former President Robert Mugabe and the G40 faction members being ousted from the government and party.

Many thought Guni had called it quits, but were surprised to see him standing again this time around in the recently completed controversial Zanu PF internal polls.
This time, he squared off with Mahofa’s daughter, Fungai Masendeke, Jonathan Wutaunashe, Onisimo Mukumba, Josphat Sarukore, Luckmore Masarira, Kalisto Jokonya and Zanu PF youth affairs secretary, Pupurayi Togarepi.

Still, the gods did not smile at the battle-hardened Guni.

For all his efforts over the years, he got a mere 257 votes, as Togarepi, with 2 832 votes, prevailed.

Though marred by violence, rigging, vote-buying and manipulation allegation, a re-run may not make things any better for Guni, who was not among the main contenders for the seat.

Albert Meke Chamwadoro

Chamwadoro was once a legislator for Chivi South, but seems to have failed to give up on the sweetness of power, as he keeps trying to bounce back without any success.
He even went to the extent of registering as an independent candidate in 2000 after the party had stopped him from standing, before withdrawing after threats of expulsion from Zanu PF.

In 2008, he tried his luck in Chivi Central, but lost to Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana. But that did not stop Chamwadoro.

In 2013, scarred, he tried again, but lost to newcomer Ephraim Gwanongodza.

Gwanongodza also prevailed this time around in the just-ended farcical polls. Many await with bated breath whether Chamwadoro will accept that he, unlike Guni, once got a chance and should call it quits.

Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana

Just like Chamwadoro, Mangwana has been a legislator for Chivi Central and he has been seeking a rebound.

After being defeated in 2013, he again tried his luck again this time around, but was defeated by Gwanongodza, who had been initially disqualified by the Zanu PF Masvingo province on allegations of being aligned to the deposed G40 faction.

Ailess Baloyi

Baloyi was also once a legislator for Chiredzi South before he was defeated in the party primaries in 2013.

Unconvinced, he tried again this time, but lost to Callisto Gwanetsa, also previously linked to the G40.

Ronald Ndaba

Ndaba also tasted power when he became a legislator in 2008. He was defeated in the party primaries in 2013 by Robert Mukwena.

Ndaba also did not make it again this time around, as Roy Bhila prevailed by a wide margin.

Clifford Mbengegwi

Unlike the others who tasted power, Mbengegwi wanted to be a legislator in Chivi North in 2008, but failed.

A retired army major, he endured and took part this time around, but it did not pay off as the incumbent, Mathius Tongofa, ruled the roost.

Some people are born leaders. Some achieve leadership. And some are nowhere near the two — only to be led!


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  2. Cde Guni should have a word or two with Cde Kristofanei on how to deal with electoral defeat.

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