NPF leader sued over $54K power debt

Ambrose Mutinhiri,

AMBROSE Mutinhiri, leader of the new political outfit National Patriotic Front (NPF) has been taken to court over an outstanding $54 000 debt to the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (Zetdc).


According to papers filed at the High Court on April 27 under case number HC3806/18, Zetdc claims the debt was for power supplied to Mutinhiri’s Newton Farm in Marondera and at one Barbara Mutinhiri’s residence.
“The defendant [Mutinhiri] is indebted/liable
to the plaintiff [ZETDC] as at 31st March 2018 in the sum of $54 798,89, being charges in respect of power/electricity supplied by the plaintiff to the defendant at the latter’s special request and instance in terms of the running electricity supply contract between the two . . .,” said the power utility through its lawyers Chihambakwe, Mutizwa and Partners .

“The defendant has failed, neglected or refused to pay the . . . sum/amount despite written demand. By reason of the said failure, neglect or refusal to pay the above sum/amount, the defendant is obliged to pay the same with interest thereon at the prescribed rate which is currently 5% per annum.”

Zetdc further said, as a result of Mutinhiri’s failure to abide by the parties agreement, it was now seeking payment of the whole outstanding amount including interest at the prescribed rate, which would be calculated from the date of issue of the summons to date of payment in full plus cost of the legal suit.
Mutinhiri is yet to respond to the litigation.


  1. They just want to demoralise him. Nhopi is quite correct, all Zanu PF to dogs owe something to Zesa, city councils, banks etc but there matters have not been brought before courts of law. They just want to intimidate Mutinhiri because of his NPF project. If he is man enough, he should just shoulder on and compel Zesa to publish a list of all those who owe it. You would be surprised because Mutinhiri is just but a drop in the ocean. Not to say he should not pay but Zesa must not be used for political expediency.

  2. Taura hako Cde Kris Norton.chikwembi ngachibhadhagwe isu tichingotonga vanovukura vachingovukura.

  3. ZESA was charging us a lot of money previously I think they were trying to cover up for these big cats. Shuwa kubira varombo here. If we are paying for our dues what is special with Ambrose G40

  4. Chikwereti chikwereti hama dzangu! Politics dzapinda papi? Ngaabhadhare period! ZESA yacho yanzi nani musabvunza zvikwereti kune mamwe maZANU? Kwanai imi!

  5. Comment…Mhanduwe, kana mungava uyu muchiuziva ingobhadharayi makanyara zvipere. Uye munhu wese ngaabhadhare
    chikwereti cheZeSA. Handiye chete, vakawanda. ZESA, vanezvikwereti ngavataugwe nemazita, sezvakaitiwa vaya vanonzi vakaburitsa mari munyika. Iwo yamariyi yadzogwa parinhayi nhayi vanhuwe?

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