No sign of Mugabe at Zimbabwe parliament hearing

FILE PHOTO: Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe watches a video presentation during the summit of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in Johannesburg, South Africa August 17, 2008. REUTERS/Mike Hutchings/File Photo

A Zimbabwe parliamentary committee gathered Wednesday to hear evidence from former president Robert Mugabe, but there was no immediate sign that he would attend.


Lawmakers want to question Mugabe over his 2016 claim that the country had lost $15 billion in revenue due to corruption and foreign exploitation in the diamond sector.

The parliamentary schedule said Mugabe, who is 94 and in frail health, was due to give oral evidence but that his attendance was still to be confirmed.

Mugabe was not present on Wednesday morning as the committee met to start the hearing at 9:00 am and there was no extra security at the parliament building in the capital Harare.

Journalists were asked to leave the committee room and told they would be called back later in the morning.

The head of the mines committee, independent lawmaker Temba Mliswa, told state-run The Herald newspaper on Tuesday that a letter summoning Mugabe was delivered last week.

“We now expect him to come,” he said, but added that Mugabe had not confirmed his attendance and was not legally obliged to attend.

No one in Mugabe’s office was available to comment.

Mugabe ruled from 1980 until he was ousted from office in November after a brief military takeover and has not been seen in public since.

He was replaced by his former deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa, a veteran loyalist in the ruling ZANU-PF party who was backed by senior military officers.

Zimbabwe discovered alluvial diamonds in Chiadzwa, in the east of the country, more than 10 years ago.

The parliament committee has already interviewed former ministers, police and intelligence chiefs on mining at Chiadzwa.

Zimbabwe is due to hold elections in July or August, the first since Mugabe was unseated, with ZANU-PF widely predicted to retain power.


  1. Thats nonsense! Sheer waste of time and resources. Mugabe is free, Chombo is free, Kasukuwere is free, Jonso etc are free. How can investors pour their money in a country full of crooks???

  2. Obert Mpofu, Mai Mujuru, Mugabe, Mnanganwa, and the whole crew really know where the money went, its not a G40 or lacoste issue, it is a Zanu Pf government looting spree, they just have to pay back the money …all of them

  3. Chamisa: If I would be given the chance to drive the vehicle called Zimbabwe into a new dispensation, I cannot be that driver who is driving looking in the rear-view. The past is important but the past should not arrest us.

    Sackur: So I will take that as a no, Mr Mugabe and Grace Mugabe can rest easily?

    Chamisa: Let us look at Mr Mugabe’s contributions, his omissions and commissions. Let’s say where he has had omissions, we are ready to correct, to repair and of course we need to make sure that those who were affected are compensated so that there’s proper national healing going through.

  4. This is just a sheer waste of time. Nothing is going to be recovered and the crooks will never be apprehended so let the old man rest. My worry is people know what happened to the money kungodawo kunetsa or grandstanding.

  5. Leave that “dictator” alone.Ndiani asina kuba muZanu PF?Inga imwe mbavha yakadzoka nezuro wani,makadii kuisunga….Zanu PF should not be the next Gvt,PERIOD.

  6. Mugabe must just die already, Grace has to spend all her money on adult diapers for him all the time. Add to that the costs for washing powder and sta soft to clean his soiled pants and sheets every day. It must be costing Grace an arm and a leg … Its just not fair !!!

  7. Zanu is Zanu guys… for as.long as they are in office, no real justice wil be served in Zim! Forget this new animal called ” new dispensation” There was a lot of hullaballoo after Bobs’ resignation… Chombo.. Grace Chipanga… Johnso… Zhax… and only yesterday Saviour cama back (nothing has happened so far- l bet nothing wil happened to him) Are these the only people who messed up our country?? NO! we know them… ! Justice wil only be served by a new government … not these Zanu thugs who seem to be hvng the same thievery and corrupt DNA!

    Chigumba is not Makarau….!

    l see no evil…
    l hear no evil….
    l talk no evil …

    but I SMELL BULLSHIT…..!!!

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