No sacred cows on graft: Chiwenga


ACTING President Constantino Chiwenga yesterday warned that there would be no sacred cows, as government clamps down on corrupt individuals as part of measures to endear itself with potential foreign investors, most of whom were still sceptical of the country’s commitment to the rule of law.


Speaking at the official opening of the Mutare High Court complex, Chiwenga said: “We must thwart corruption at all costs. The designation of the courts is a step ahead in this fight. I wish to reiterate that there are no scared cows in this battle.

“The courts must protect propriety interests of everyone in Zimbabwe, including juristic persons, with world-class institutions like the new High Court. Zimbabwe has no hesitation in inviting those interested, to invest in the country, it is further proof of the fact that everyone can, in the new Zimbabwe, trust us with their investments. I, therefore, exhort the Honourable Chief Justice (Luke Malaba) to establish with urgency permanent High Court stations in other provincial centres such as Gweru, Lupane and Gwanda.”

The Acting President said government’s commitment to fighting corruption had seen it setting up anti-corruption courts.

Chiwenga also urged the Justice ministry to expedite the translation of the Constitution in various vernacular languages “to enable as many of our people as possible, to fully appreciate their rights as enshrined in the Constitution”.

Statistics presented during the official opening of the legal year for Mutare circuit court showed the backlog of cases at the Mutare High Court stood at 63, with some dating back to 2003.


  1. Zvipiko vana Chivenga,zvamaiparadza nyika pamwe chete naMugabe mangamusikuona nekuziva here uye ndimika maiumbiridza zvakaipa zvose muchiti tiri kuchengetedza soveregnity yezimbabwe.Ko nhasi zvamazonyatsa kunatsiridza apa chii?

  2. Tipei maserious hapana chamurikuita nezve corruption VP musativhare kumeso munoti tiri magrade 2 here. New despensation pakuti kwauya ED chete but corruption aiwa makafanana nasekuru vavapazororo. Zimbabwe inga nimi munoti ine97% literacy rate cy muchikanganwa kuti vanhu venye vadzidza kusataura hazvirevi hationi!!! batsirikai ipapo new dispensation! Tikuona zvedu.

  3. Im sure this green bomber doesnt even know what corruption is. He probably thinks enriching himself with Chiadzwa diamonds was in the best interest of the nation. Why do we even have a green bomber as VP….i dont get it

    • But I was happy to see the word “reiterate” there in the speech… Maybe the speech writers have come to the realization that they have to play to the VPs strength you know… adding more words with “r’s” is a good strategy… The dude has a serious obsession with rrrrrr.

  4. Comrade VP don’t talk as if you are not aware of what is happening.What happened to the Chipanga Chombo cases that had been on the track for a long time.What happened to the inquiry on Obert which he refused to be interviewed by Mliswa.Right now you want to push Mutendereki away to pave way for Mutsvangwa to contest primaries in Norton isn’t it corruption.We are not getting any of Muliswa inquiry results but spending resources sitting daily with not outcome.It is only the small fish that can be brought to court for trials.We can not curb corruption in our country.

  5. It’s a major setback for Zim’s hope to catch up with the 21st century when we have such type of useless leadership in charge, these zanupf guys are actually taking us back to the stone age

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