National Foods launches new product

NATIONAL Foods will, this month, launch its new product — Mixed Grain — as it seeks to consolidate its position in the local market.


National Foods sales manager, Sarudzai Muzorori told Southern Eye that the new product was targeted at all age groups and groups of people.

“We are launching a new product this month called Mixed Grain. In this product, we are putting all grains in one blend and mixed for porridge. The product is targeted at everyone, everyone wants to eat healthy, everyone wants to have a long life and a healthy life,” she said.

“Our products are not in a market where if you introduce a healthy product, you pay a premium for it. If you look at our ordinary white Pearlenta and this high fibre we have introduced. The price is very reasonable and very affordable.”

Muzorori said National Foods will keep being innovative listening to customers.

“In terms of competition, we go to a market to find out what they want and we do not look only look at what is happening in Zimbabwe, but we go further and check what is happening in South Africa, Botswana and we introduce those products here in Zimbabwe so that people can buy local because we got the capacity to produce. In terms of research, innovation we are way ahead,” she said.

“People are now health conscious and they want to eat healthy food. We have gone ahead by looking at what can we give to the consumers, then we invented the high fibre maize meal either blended with maize bran or wheat bran. We are getting positive feedback.”

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