Mutsvangwa in vote-buying storm


President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s special adviser and aspiring Norton candidate, Christopher Mutsvangwa has written to at least five embassies seeking donations, which he said were meant for community social responsibility programmes, but the timing of the requests has raised eyebrows.


In a letter that went viral on social media, Mutsvangwa was said to have written to the Chinese embassy, asking for various items.

He requested 20 beasts and other relish, 30 tonnes of mealie-meal, 15 tonnes of rice, $10 000 food vouchers at local supermarket, 7 500 litres fuel and 100 bicycles for community outreach programmes.

“I also ask for your help to get more support for Norton from local Chinese business community (sic),” he wrote in the undated correspondence.

“Specifically, I will appreciate if the Huawei, through both TelOne and NetOne, can help instal internet points of presence in Norton (sic).

“Also, if Jianxi International can focus on Norton and Chegutu in the programme of 500 boreholes offered by President Xi Jinping to President ED Mnangagwa in the recent visit to China (sic).

Finally, SynoHydro and ZTE can assist with solar tower lights to improve the night safety of Norton residents.”

Mutsvangwa is due to participate in a primary election rerun against Langton Mutendereki in Zanu PF’s internal polls.

The war veterans’ leader lost in the first round of voting, but raised a slew of allegations leading to the nullification of the election result.

But Mutsvangwa defended the appeals for donations, saying there was no link to the primary elections.

“These are big items of a capital nature; tower lights, boreholes and internet are of long-term development well beyond elections,” he said.

“For your information, big corporates have already started helping out.

“You shall go to Norton and see surprises, henceforth, as of my return as a constituent player.”

Mutsvangwa said he had sent the appeal for assistance to the European Union, United Kingdom, Turkey, China, South Africa and Indian embassies.

He said he developed connections with those countries during his stint as Foreign Affairs deputy minister.

His opponent, Mutendereki, is quite confident of trouncing Mutsvangwa again.

A number of losing candidates have appealed against their defeats, citing irregularities during the primary elections. A date is yet to be set for the re-runs.


  1. I wish as a nation we could dispense with this begging mentality. Those who respond should know that they actually are destroying us with their donations.

  2. This is disgraceful vote buying by Mutsvangwa, can he explain how 20 beasts, 30t mealie meal, 15t rice, food vouchers and fuel can be described as items of a capital nature, & besides why didn’t he beg for these things during the first round of primary elections

  3. Stop enforcing yourself to the people Mutsvangwa. They have spoken loudly and clearly and will do it again, your goodies notwithstanding. They are tired of ‘donors’ and would like leaders who will teach them how to fend for themselves. This entitlement mindset my foot!

  4. The ZPF mentality has always been of pandering to the lower human instincts, desperation, poverty, begging-bowl mindset, insensitivity, cruelty etc This is an urban area – most voters are not interested in voting for freebies, although they will gladly accept them. This is very cheap Cde Mutsvangwa.

  5. the motor mouth is so desperate to land the Norton seat. But just how desperate….. Kuita kunge chindumurwa chochemera mbwirembwire. Mutsvanga you are a disgrace to Mnangagwa’s government. ….and even to have such a mentally unstable man as presidential advisor, I wonder what was in Ed’s mind. in any case he is still not gona win. Moreover this Norton seat ragara riri reMDC, except for 2013 when people voted with their fear. this time the seat is going back to MDC

  6. Operation seat redu dzosai kuMDC T this time ZANU PF hamulume veNorton tirikuziva pekuvhotera tinoda kuchinja muriwo.

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